Tactigon: The Journey from an ST Reference Design to Your Hands

The Tactigon is a very small board (49.9 mm x 15.2 mm x 5.5 mm or 2″ x 0.6″ x 0.2″) packed with ST sensors, such as the LPS25HB barometer, the LIS3MDL magnetometer, or the LSM6DS3 six-axis inertial module, among others. It’s the first project of its kind by Next Industries, a young Italian startup that traditionally focuses on industrial sensors for building monitoring as well as real-time tracking of massive infrastructures such as pipelines or environments prone to landslides, for instance. ST sat down with its CEO, Massimiliano Bellino, to discuss why his company decided to enter a completely new market with the Tactigon and how they used the ST WESU reference design to do it. The Tactigon is an Arduino board that engineers can use as a remote control, an interface for virtual or augmented reality, or as a wearable device.

Explore how  STM32L151VE microcontroller (MCU)  and Bluetooth module  offering an interesting computational throughput to really drive the Tactigon more on https://blog.st.com/tactigon-wesu-wearable/