Molex high-density, Ultra-Fit Power Connectors occupy 50% less PCB space, provide up to 14A

Eliminate same circuit size cross-mating; reduce terminal backout; low mating force; 3.50mm pitch

Now available at TTI, Inc., a world-leading specialist distributor of electronic components, Molex Ultra-Fit Power Connectors have a streamlined design that enables smaller, more efficient packaging than similar power interconnects, yet still provide similar current density.  Ultra-Fit Power Connectors provide up to 14A, but take up less than half the PCB footprint of comparable devices, enabling electronics designers to solve challenges across a very wide spectrum of products.

Features of Molex Ultra-Fit Power Connectors include multiple mechanically-keyed color-coded options which enable same-circuit, multiple connectors use with virtually no chance of cross mating.  Optional Terminal Position Assurance retainers guarantee the terminal is fully seated in the housing to reduce terminal back out. As housings have a positive lock design with an anti-snag feature, mated connector assemblies will not accidentally disengage.  The ultra-low mating force terminals have six independent points of contact at the interface and terminals are fully isolated.

Electrical specifications include 400V maximum voltage, current 14A in tin options and 12A in gold plated options, dielectric withstanding voltage 1800V, and insulation resistance 1000MΩ.

The Molex Ultra-Fit Power Connector family suits consumer appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, industrial applications such as assembly line equipment,  telecommunications/networking hubs and servers; transportation applications including automotive infotainment; lighting ballasts and lighting fixtures, aerospace & defense applications and medical devices including patient care devices.