Highly accurate and rugged differential pressure sensor from Omron available through TTI, Inc.

Available in Europe through TTI, Inc., a world-leading specialist distributor of electronic components, is Omron’s D6F-PH Differential Pressure Sensor. The product is a type of MEMS chip with I²C digital output. Using Omron’s proprietary MEMS mass flow technology, the sensor features a redesigned internal flow path that produces low flow, high velocity/high impedance for a differential pressure output. Because the sensor is not sensitive to variations in bypass tube length, it is ideal for HVAC applications which involve field-installed damper controls.

The D6F-PH Series sensor is linearized and temperature compensated and benefits from superior resistance to harsh environments. Fully RoHS compliant, the device has been designed for applications such as projectors, computer servers, clogging detection, fuel cells, water heaters, boilers, combustion control, ducts, as well as air conditioners.