On Your Demand: Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI)- a technology of the future is continuously evolving and shaking its hand with various industries for simplifying the human effort in their operations. This technology has provided us with the results which are very meaningful for driving the human works. Its real-life example can be seen through the incredible works performed by the AI-powered tools like Watson which is assisting doctors in various ways including drug discovery and medical research.

In traditional computing environment developing such application was not an easy task. These applications were very challenging as they require strategic planning, thousands of line code, vast infrastructure, time and human effort for the development. A big thanks to cloud computing technology for providing AI enabled services for the development which makes it easy to work from anywhere without investing in the large physical infrastructure.

Big AI giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc., offer Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) on their platform so that one can easily leverage this technology to accomplish their work. The cloud computing era has provided the platform, infrastructure, storage, software as a service which is accessible from anywhere anytime. According to the MarketsandMarkets research, AIaaS market is projected to reach 10.88 billion USD in 2023 from 1.52 billion in 2018 at a CAGR of 48.2 percent.

With advancement in the cloud, the use of AI has increased drastically. As most of the organisations are migrating towards the cloud, more and more things are introduced such as voice or text-enabled automated chatbots, recommendation engines, pattern analysis for observing customer behavior, personalized services etc.

Talking about the infrastructure, now one can easily acquire useful resources like virtual CPUs to security groups for developing your AI model. This has become so easy as all you need is to create an account on vendors platform and start building your machine attach storage and emerge as a big barrel of belief among your audience. If you are fascinated by this technology, join Artificial Intelligence Course and turn your passion into the business. So that you can include advanced neural networks, TensorFlow like modules in your model.

Deep learning and neural networks algorithms are capable of solving most complex scientific and business problems which require multiple CPUs and GPUs. GPUs are very expensive to buy. Through the cloud, you will only pay for what you use.

Apart from the infrastructure, for non-developers, the cloud provides software as a service. You don’t have any idea about how to get it done. Don’t worry, AI- SaaS allows you to operate your work through the attractive designed user-friendly applications available over the internet over the subscription-based model on the monthly or yearly basis.

One more way cloud is driving the soul of this technology is- platform as a service. The PaaS models allow a user to directly deploy or test their application over it. All you need is to push your complete program over that already designed platform and execute your intelligent system.

Integrate AI:

The artificial intelligence can be integrated into your business in various ways depending upon your requirement. For marketing, there are tools for content curation, personalisation, generating leads etc. There are advanced CRM applications which perform the analysis on customers data and provides useful insights for closing deal effectively.

If you are in e-commerce business selling your product online, the AI-powered recommendation engine is the best choice. It suggests a user with the needed product on the basis of their past search. This pattern recognition nature of AI makes it more interesting and useful among the digital businesses.

Automated chatbots- their development was very challenging and time-consuming. But now, push your conversation and start attracting leads for your business. Integrating these bots are very easy as you can add them anywhere including website, messenger etc., and provide assistance to the customers.

Thus, you can see how AI is involved in almost each business operations from the manufacturing industry using IoT sensors to the healthcare for detecting a disease.

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