ST Engineering Extends International Footprint with First Foray into Jakarta’s Mobility Market

ST Engineering’s Electronics sector today announced that it has secured a contract to provide its Platform Screen Doors (PSD) solutions for Jakarta’s new light rail transit (LRT), the Jabodebek LRT System. Awarded by PT Len Railway System, a subsidiary of PT Len Industri, a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprise of Republic Indonesia, this marks the sector’s first foray into the Indonesian metro

ST Engineering’s PSD solution will serve as a safety barrier between the platform and the train track, enhancing the safety of passengers when the Jabodebek LRT System is fully operational in 2019. The new LRT system which consists of 18 stations connecting Jakarta’s city center to suburbs areas in Bogor, Bekasi, and Depok, is expected to face high human traffic during peak hours as it is seen as the answer to Jakarta’s high road traffic congestion situation.

Mr. Ravinder Singh, President of Electronics, ST Engineering said, “This contract win reinforces our position as an industry leader in smart rail transportation, strengthening our record of more than 100 rail electronics projects in 41 cities around the world. We will work together with our partners to deliver safe, reliable and efficient train services for Jakarta commuters.”

Reinforcing the mutual commitment to bring the shared vision of an enhanced rail
transportation in Indonesia to fruition, the Electronics sector has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PT Len and PT Eltran, a subsidiary of PT Len, to collaborate on future PSD projects in Indonesia and overseas. The partnership brings together ST Engineering’s rail electronics capabilities, as well as PT Len and PT Eltran’s expertise and experience in the fields of mechanical, electrical and telecommunications systems, to co-develop rail solutions catered to the needs of the larger Indonesian market and other global cities.