NVIDIA HGX-2 GPU-Accelerated Platform is Seeing Broad Adoption

Baidu, Tencent Adopt HGX-2 to Build More Powerful AI Services; Inspur, Lenovo, Huawei, Sugon Introduce and Support New HGX-2 Based Servers

NVIDIA announced broad adoption of the NVIDIA HGX-2 server platform, the world’s most powerful accelerated server platform, for AI deep learning, machine learning and high performance computing.

Delivering two petaflops of compute performance in a single node, NVIDIA HGX-2 can run AI machine learning workloads nearly 550x faster, AI deep learning workloads nearly 300x faster and HPC workloads nearly 160x faster, all compared to a CPU-only server.

Leading technology companies around the world are taking advantage of HGX-2’s record-setting performance. The newest adoptions announced today at GTC China include:

  • Baidu and Tencent are using HGX-2 for a wide range of even more powerful AI services, both for their internal use and for their cloud customers.
  • Inspur is China’s first to build an HGX-2 server. Its Inspur AI Super-Server AGX-5 is designed to solve the performance expansion problem of AI, deep learning and HPC.
  • Huawei, Lenovo and Sugon announced that they have become NVIDIA HGX-2 cloud server platform partners.

Previously announced HGX-2 support and adoption comes from leading global server makers, including Foxconn, Inventec, QCT, Quanta, Supermicro, Wistron and Wiwynn. Additionally, Oracle announced last month its plans to bring the NVIDIA HGX-2 platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in both bare-metal and virtual machine instances, giving customers access to a unified HPC and AI computing architecture.

“Leading technology companies are quickly taking advantage of HGX-2, the most powerful cloud node in history,” said Ian Buck, vice president and general manager of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “With HGX-2’s unmatched compute power and versatile design, companies around the world are able to build new products and services that can scale to solve immense compute challenges and address some of the world’s most pressing problems.”

The HGX-2 cloud server platform features multi-precision computing capabilities, providing unique flexibility to support the future of computing. It fuses high-precision FP64 and FP32 for accurate HPC, while also enabling faster, reduced-precision FP16 and INT8 for deep learning and machine learning.

The HGX-2 delivers unmatched compute power. It incorporates such breakthrough features as NVIDIA NVSwitch interconnect fabric, which seamlessly links 16 NVIDIA Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs to work as a single, giant GPU delivering two petaflops of AI performance. It also provides 0.5TB of memory and 16TB/s of aggregate memory bandwidth.