AAEON honored Machine of the Year Award at EVEX 2018

AAEON, a leading developer of industrial, IoT, and AI computing solutions, has been honored with the Machine of the Year award at EVEX 2018, a European Vending & Coffee Service Association event in Sevilla, Spain. The award recognizes AAEON’s capability in the technology of future vending services and the commitment in the A.I. ecosystem.

The awarded intelligent vending machine manufactured by Invenda and powered by AAEON’s intelligent vending kit, features revolutionized vending services covering full touch operation and facial recognition payment. The AAEON UP board implemented in the awarded machine is an Intel based, industrial grade board, which replaces existing outdated vending machine controller (VMC) with advanced control function, cloud connectivity and payment technology.

Thanks to our partners Invenda, aim2 (technology partner for facial recognition), Selecta, and VISA, the new, outstanding solution by AAEON is acknowledged for simplified integration of A.I. software, offering advantages of data collection, cost-effectiveness and optimal product display for marketing purpose. For instance, customers will save expense by the data collected from facial recognition and other forms of cashless payments, instead of conducting costly preference surveys. Customers can also be worry-free about outdated components or VMC.

This is a great news for us“, said Howard Lin, CEO of AAEON. “We’d like to also thank our partners in the making of the intelligent vending machine. We believe this will revolutionize how vending machine will be used in the future.”