STM32G0: 1st Mainstream 90 nm Microcontrollers, One Power Line, So Many Possibilities

The STM32G0 is newest family of mainstream microcontrollers (MCU) for cost-oriented consumer and industrial applications. This new generation offers a Cortex-M0+ core at 64 MHz as well as a robust architecture with a Securable Memory Area, more RAM and Flash, numerous I/Os, and a more extensive integration of components to simplify the overall PCB design significantly.

As energy requirements from various regulatory bodies become more stringent, and users expect more from their IoT platforms, engineers often face the impossible task of choosing an MCU that must have a low power consumption, while also delivering computationally demanding features and encryption acceleration. As a result, they must either chose a lesser capable but lower-power model, or enjoy the I/Os they need, but deal with a much higher overall TDP (Thermal Design Power). The STM32G0 is here to solve this problem. Read more on