The Smartest Sensor Ever, First Accelerometer with 16 Finite State Machines

The LSM6DSO is our first 3D digital accelerometer and gyroscope integrating 16 finite state machines (FSM) to completely transform what a sensor can process without the help of a host microcontroller (MCU) thus optimizing its operations and power consumption.

Hence, its high-performance mode only requires 0.55 mA, while the accelerometer alone in low-power mode demands 26 µA and the ultra-low-power mode requires only 9.5 µA maximum, making it one of the motion-tracking systems with the best power-to-performance ratio. Ultimately, this new inertial sensor is a game changer because it enables always-on operations that were just too costly on small mobile products. The FSMs allow for detection of certain motions or gestures at minimal cost to the power consumption of the overall design, thus opening the door to faster and more accurate user experiences.