Are you ordering your PCBs from right manufacturer?

With the computer age upstaging all the technology on its way, it becomes essential to crafting the inner anatomy of the mastermind- Printed Circuit Board/ PCB. Printed Circuit boards are imbibed electronic equipment containing all the necessary components printed onto them like how letters are on paper with the help of a printer. Something as instrumental needs to be taken care of in all aspects.

How to select the right manufacturer?

The right manufacturer ticks off all the aspects of a good PCB.

  1. Quality:

The quality is of a PCB is determined by a number of factors- majorly being the perfect drawing with no errors. When the drawing is etched on the board, the dimensions of the board, the circuitry, and the periphery has to be taken care of. During the etching process, the metallic layers have to exposed in the right places for an adequate duration to avoid the metallic interconnects from creating short circuit recesses or open circuit valleys. The dimensions of the holes drilled and electroplated are performed systematically to make sure that the sandwiched layer of dielectric does not create hazards.

Consequently, the board undergoes a series of tests. If the board clears all of them, crossing a predefined threshold, it cleared for dispatch.

  1. Time

Time is the biggest constraint. To cater to the people and to the ever-spinning pace of technological advancements, it becomes inimical for the manufacturer to deliver his innovation at the earliest.

  1. Safety

The safety of the PCB is determined by the number of short circuits and open circuit present in the board. Additionally, the manufacturing process might introduce errors on the board. Thus, the safety of the board could be tractable by the number of tests.

  1. Price

The price of the PCB board is determined by the area of the board and the number of transistors on them. Dealers look for low-cost manufacturing with high reliability and durability. Often, customers would not be satisfied without the upholding of promises given to them. Hence, the price has to be in tandem with the quality of the product offered.

  1. No Brokerage

Consequently, when talking about order placing and delivery, brokerage comes into the picture. As by popular common sense, it is advisable to not have middlemen. They are credited with frequent mess-up and intermediary costs. Hence, the company would be well- suited to place the order directly with the manufacturer.

  1. Assembly service

As the assembly of a PCB is completely automated, the servicing becomes essential.

  1. DFM

Companies placing orders intend to provide the design files and specifications to the manufacturer before the assembly process begins. This ensures that the errors are corrected and the details are checked. This is called Design for Manufacturability test.

PCB Manufacturer

Why PCBWay?

With all the pointers about how to choose a manufacturer set, subsequently, PCBWay is one of the best in business. PCBWay can give access to direct order placement along with the intricacies on their Website. This avoids middle-men and brokerage. Consequently, the cost of manufacture also declines. PCBWay paves the path for one of the least expensive processes. Althemore, the order can be tracked online during the transit period, with a Worldwide Delivery. The payment options are fool-proof and safe with authentication and encryption keys. Ultimately, there is no minimum requirement for placing the order. Apparently, their rework service with PCB glossary offers good after-sales hospitality any dealer would need.


With all the considerations, PCBWay assures world-class services to its dealers and manufacturers. With the computer age thriving, it is no doubt for a company to ace the production at the apex of the era. An excruciating process, to be done with efficacy is a challenging job. PCBWay is the master at the job at hand, perfecting the art exquisitely.