How To Choose The Best Radar Detector

Getting a radar detector can help improve your experience on the road as it enables you to avoid getting into trouble with traffic enforcement officers. It saves you from speeding tickets by alerting you of the presence of speed traps, red lights, and troopers. So, how do you choose the best radar detector once you decide to get one? Consider the following factors.

Detection Accuracy

The main reason for acquiring a detector is to make your driving experience smooth by getting alerts of speed traps before you get there. Today, many new cars have monitors for lanes, blind spots, and obstacles. Imagine getting notifications of all these signals from other vehicles and the constant buzz on your detector because of its poor sensitivity. This is precisely why you should buy a detector that can differentiate the fake threats from real ones. One such radar detector is the Radenso Pro M which uses premium technology that only detects speed traps, troopers, and the red lights that snap your picture.

Laser Detection

Nowadays, police have started using laser beams to set up speed traps. Therefore, it’s important to choose a radar detector that can also detect laser. Some detect lasers beams from the front side only while others detect from all sides. Thus, it would be wise to get a detector that offers 360-degree laser detection.

Detector Protection

While radar detectors are not illegal in most states, they are not allowed in Virginia and Washington, DC. In fact, police use Radar Detector-Detector devices to catch drivers who are using radar detectors. In the same regard, you should get a detector that can protect your detector from getting detected. Your detector will go unnoticed by the police and other radar detectors in the vicinity.


A good detector should be able to detect radar from a long distance. Therefore, look for a detector that has a longer range to be able to get alerts early in advance.

Corded versus Cordless

Corded detectors are well known for their superiority in range detection. What they lack is clean installations as they are mounted on the windshield using a suction cup. Cordless detectors provide a clean installation and can easily be moved to another vehicle.

Audio and Visual Alerts

Both are very handy in elevating your driving experience. Audio alerts let you keep your eyes fixated on the road increasing your concentration. Visual alerts center on silence.  For instance, in case you have other passengers in the car, a sleeping child perhaps, it alerts by flashing and displays information on the screen. Therefore, find a detector that has both features.

Smartphone Compatibility

Many smartphones have applications that can be linked with a radar detector. They can receive live updates thereby increasing your accuracy and decision making. Some apps also allow drivers to share speed enforcement areas.

While it can be hard or costly to get a radar detector with all the above features, it is good that you identify the most important ones depending on your preferences. With a good radar detector, you will be able to enjoy your driving experience without worrying about speeding tickets.

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