Circuit Protection for Data and Power Ports, new eBook

Launched by Mouser and Bourns

Mouser Electronics in collaboration with Bourns, offering an in-depth look at circuit protection for data and power ports. In Circuit Protection Simplified, subject matter experts from Bourns and Mouser provide insights and strategies for circuit protection of data ports, Ethernet ports, DC power supplies, and other critical power and communication applications.

As the number of Internet of Things (IoT) and other networking devices soars, so too does the number of power and communication ports required to support these new products. Each of these devices requires circuit protection, ranging from basic protection against mild events to full protection from extended power surges. Rugged, reliable circuit protection is necessary to ensure the continuous performance that customers expect from their connected devices.

The new eBook from Mouser and Bourns provides detailed guides to specific circuit protection applications, including electrical transient protection for Power-over-Ethernet, surge protection for DC power supplies, and external Ethernet port protection. Additionally, multiple articles on Ethernet protection and primary and secondary protection standards help to clarify International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) and Telcordia regulations.

The eBook provides useful references to relevant Bourns products, helping readers to identify the ideal solutions for their circuit protection requirements, The company’s products, available from Mouser, include gas discharge tubes with FLAT technology, LED protection devices, and a comprehensive range of overcurrent and overvoltage protectors. Circuit protection solutions from Bourns enable designers to deliver safe and reliable power and connectivity to their target applications.

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