Glob Top spray dispensing tests with DELO adhesive

Microdispensing in the electronics industry can help to increase the service life of individual components. Glob Top Potting, for example, protects sensitive components, usually semiconductor chips, from mechanical stresses such as vibrations or temperature fluctuations. It also protects them from external environmental influences such as moisture or corrosion. A viscous resin matrix is applied, mostly an epoxy resin adhesive.

In a current feasibility study, preeflow tested the spray application of a filled Glob Top material: More precisely a DELO MONOPOX GE6515 adhesive. This highly viscous adhesive is used, for example, in the automotive industry for potting electronic components that are exposed to demanding environmental conditions. In particular these include high temperatures, but also aggressive materials.

The preeflow eco-SPRAY is the combination of a volumetric dispensing system – based on the eco-PEN Dispenser series – and a specially developed “low-flow spray chamber”. On the one hand this makes it possible to spray a precisely defined quantity: With a precision of up to ± 1 %. On the other hand, very high viscosities can be processed, and even pasty materials can be sprayed. This makes the eco-SPRAY unique in the spray valve market. It enables continuous spraying at different traversing speeds, spraying of a precisely defined area with a precisely defined amount of material and high edge sharpness. With the eco-SPRAY spray dispenser, an efficient dispensing application was achieved in the dispensing tests – an alternative to needle dispensing.

Advantages of the spray application compared to the usual needle dispensers:

  • Reduced material consumption
  • Time-saving (no movement necessary in the Z-direction)
  • Non-contact (no contact is made with the substrate, therefore no risk of damage)