STMicroelectronics to Exhibit products & solutions for IoT and Smart Driving at MWC Shanghai 2019

"If it's smart, we are there"

STMicroelectronics will exhibit at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2019 (26-28 June). Under the theme of “If it’s smart, we’re there,” ST will showcase some of its industry-leading products and solutions for IoT and Smart Driving, addressing Sensors, AI & Processing, Connectivity, Security, Automotive, and Analog & Power.

Sensors: As a global leader in MEMS and sensors, ST offers the widest range of MEMS and sensors covering the full spectrum of applications. At the ST booth, the Company will introduce its STWIN demo with extensive connectivity options for the latest industrial sensor nodes. This demo shows visitors how intelligent sensors are applied to detect real-time vibration, noise, and temperature data for industrial equipment, and to enable predictive maintenance. At MWC Shanghai 2019, ST will also premiere its People Counting demo that uses the VL53L1X Time-of-Flight sensor to count people going through the door and show the number on a LED screen.

I & Processing: AI (Artificial Intelligence) is shaping the Chinese market at a break-neck pace. ST’s embedded AI technologies make Neural Networks run simple, fast, and optimized on the industry-leading STM32 microcontrollers (MCU), reducing network bandwidth by performing processing on the Edge side. To showcase these optimized AI features, ST will display demos with AI-enabled recognition of hand-writing, human activity, or food.

Connectivity: Powerful connectivity technologies are essential for networking with the increasing number of IoT and IIoT (industrial IoT) devices in our daily life, as well as in smart workplaces and factories. At the show, the 100-node BlueNRG-Mesh network for connected IoT objects will demonstrate ST’s world-class Bluetooth® MESH and intelligent sensor turn-key solutions for industrial applications. In addition, ST will display its STM32WB E-LOCK Solution. Based on the dual-core wireless STM32WB MCU, this smart-lock demo integrates Bluetooth, MCU, fingerprint algorithm chip, Zigbee, Thread, and other functions to optimize the features with most efficient cost.

Security: With the rapid growth of IoT and fast-paced automation process driven by Industry 4.0, today’s on-line services and connections to remote objects need high levels of protection against cyber threats. ST is taking the lead to empower device makers with a state-of-the-art security solution for minimum integration efforts. At the ST booth, the STM32L5 TrustZone demo will showcase how to optimize balance among performance, power consumption, and security with ST’s STM32L5 MCU.  Leveraging the Arm® Cortex®-M33 security features and Armv8-M TrustZone technology, the STM32L5 ensures flexible isolation of hardware and software.

Automotive: Car electrification and autonomous driving are transforming the automotive industry and ST is at the forefront of providing drivers and passengers with safer, greener, and more connected driving experiences. ST’s Smart Driving solutions encompass ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System), Radar, V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything), GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Infotainment and Telematics. At MWC Shanghai 2019, the Company will showcase its TeseoV and TeseoAPP GNSS receivers. These best-in-class devices address precise positioning needs in dashboard navigation, smart antennas, telematics navigation, V2X, and Level 3 ADAS applications, meeting stringent security requests beyond ASIL (Automotive Safety Integration Level) B.

Analog & Power: ST is well positioned to offer efficient and robust analog and power products and solutions to its customers. At the show, ST and its partners will demonstrate various power-management and wireless-charging solutions, including the 15W 3-coil USB Type-C powered demo and USB Power Delivery demo from ST partner Würth.

Other ST solutions on display at MWC Shanghai 2019 include: ST60 mmWave wireless short-range, low-power high-bandwidth transceiver, dual RF development board with BLE and sub-GHz, in-vehicle monitoring, ST25 Series NFC tag and reader, ST21NFCD, ST53, ST54 and ST33 eSE/eSIM, smart power supply, and a wide range of the STM32 MCU and MPU (microprocessor) devices.

To see all of these demonstrations, please visit ST’s booth (N1.D85) at MWC Shanghai 2019 in Shanghai, China, 26-28 June 2019.