Top 10 Electronics component Distributors & manufacturer in India

  1. Rabyte (Distributor) |

    Rabyte is a company which deals in the marketing and distribution of advanced technology semiconductors, electro-mechanical components, display and modules and passive components from the numerous reputed manufacturers who are spread in the various parts of the globe. It has been providing the electronics solutions like supply chain management, design services, electronics components and box-billed solutions to its customers over the last 2 decades.

  2. Singodia Electronics Pvt. Ltd (Distributor) |

    Singodia is a New Delhi based ISO 9001:2008 certified company which is a professional electronic components distributor supplying the electronic manufacturing services and quality products components to its customers.

  3. Victor Component Systems Pvt. Ltd (Manufacturer) |

    Victor components, located in New Delhi is a customer-centric and an ISO 9001: 14001 certified company which majorly prominence on the cost-effectiveness and quality of its products and serve its best to satisfy the needs of their clients.

    The Company manufactures SMPS/linear power supplies for customer electronics, computers, telecommunications, LED drivers and electronic energy meters. It also manufactures quality OEM wounded magnetic components like Torroid coils for EMI filters and AC/DC adaptors and inductors etc.

  4. Radius Industries (Manufacturer )|

    Radius Industries brand named as Radcom offers reliable electronic components to satisfy its customers by providing them with the utmost quality and services in electronic solutions. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company known for its quality management systems. The company serves various sectors like power electronics, consumer electronics, lighting, and communications and provide a complete set of solutions for LED driver applications. In recent times the company has introduced power transistors in TOP3 and TO3 packages which are mainly used in PA systems.

  5. Precision Electronics (Manufacturer) |

    Precision is a leading company in India which provides its high technology products and services in the field of Hi-Tech energy, healthcare, Defense and security, Telecom, Critical infrastructure, and Railways.  It is a supplier of equipment for Electronic Warfare and civil communications, military communications and command and control. It is an ISO 14001:2004 certified company and has applied Environmental management system. Recently the company has delivered 42 airfield voice recorders to Indian Army.

  6. RS Components and Controls (I) Ltd (Distributor):

    RS Components deal with the electronics, electrical, maintenance and industrial products. It provides a wide range of products over 550,000 in the areas of information technology, automation, semiconductors, health and safety, power supplies and office equipment, etc. It provides the fast and easy ordering and selection services to its customers thus enabling them convenience in finding and getting the right product.

  7. Deki Electronics (Manufacturer) |

    Deki Electronics is located in Delhi/NCR India which is a leading company in the supplier and manufacturing of AC/DC capacitor, Radial type capacitor, IGBT snubber capacitor, DC link capacitor, and Horn capacitor, etc. The company has recently developed a  high stability capacitor for energy meters to fulfill the demand of energy meter industry for a highly stable capacitor for the use in the humid coastal areas.

  8. Besoto Group (Manufacturer) |

    Besoto is a Faridabad based company which is spread over an area of 70,000 sq.ft  aiming to attain an ISO 14000 certification. It has a wide range of products and has applications in the various industries of Automotive, Agriculture and Marine Applications and Stationary Engines. It has emerged as a specialist supplier of automotive parts to a rich product base adaptable to Delco Remmy, Paris Rhone, Bosch, Lucas, Mitsubishi, etc. Its product range includes Alternators, Dynamo, Dyna Motors, Starter Motors, Solenoid Switches, etc.

  9. Stead Electronic Pvt.Ltd (Manufacturer) |

    Stead Electronics “ the passion for perfection” has its headquarters and factory in Delhi which is a manufacturer of  Wire resistor, Wire wound resistor, rheostats, and potentiometers. It deals with the products like shunts, auto variable transformers, aluminium housed resistors, and dynamic braking resistors, etc.

  10. Elin Electronics (Manufacturer ) |

    Elin group of companies is Ghaziabad based company in the National capital region of Delhi which is in the business of the manufacturing and designing of metal and plastic parts, domestic home appliances and motors for OEMs. The company continuously and consistently work in the Research & development of new products and processes to be in the top of technology. Its customers are Honeywell, Panasonic, Colgate, Hitachi, Havells, Prestige, and Eveready, etc.