List of Upcoming Electric Vehicle in India 2020

All the car manufacturers giants are busy in manufacturing and R&D of Electric Vehicles(EVs). Recently announced Union Budget has given wings to EV manufacturers and buyers. With-in a span of few years Indian roads will be dominated by Electric Vehicles.  EVs enjoy more benefits over conventional petrol/diesel cars. EV will not only run on lower- cost but also save our environment.

EV has zero exhaust emissions. Apart from the core advantage, they are cheaper to maintain and are safer and durable. EVs have a lower risk for major fires or explosions and body construction. Let us see the upcoming latest electric cars in India. 

Tata Electric Vehicles

  1. Tata Altroz EV: Tata Altroz EV is the upcoming electric car which is expected to be launched in the month of September 2020 by Tata Motors. Though the company has not publicized much about the technical features of the car but has given its advertisement on media showcasing its upcoming presence in the market. The car is expected to offer a driving range of 250km/charge.

Audi Electric Vehicle

2. Audi e-tron: Audi, the world’s premium cars producers and luxury cars manufacturers is about to launch its first electric luxury SUV E-Tron this year. According to WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure) cycle, the car can trace the speed of 200 kmph and cover a distance of 400 km on a full charge which is a pretty good feature a car is providing.

MG Hector Electric Vehicle

3. MG eZS: MG eZS by MG Hector is the electric SUV which is expected to be launched by the company in the month of December 2019 or early in the year 2020. The electric MG will consist of 148hp motor driving the front wheels, 45kWh lithium-ion battery and can cover a range of 300 km on a single charge.  It will also get over-the-air (OTA) technology.

Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle

  • 4 Nissan Leaf: Nissan Leaf, the world’s highest selling highway capable electric car is all set to be launched in India this year by Nissan. The car has e-pedal technology which enables a driver to manage both breaking and acceleration using a single pedal.  It has 40 kWh battery and on a single full charge it can cover a distance of 400 km. Leaf has the fast charging feature providing 80% battery time in only 40 minutes.

Jaguar Electric Vehicle

  • 5 Jaguar I-Pace: Jaguar Land Rover is planning to launch its all hybrid electric and electric cars in India. The company has its plan to launch its first electric SUV, I-Pace by next year 2020 in India. I-Pace has Jaguar’s own battery technology comprising of 90kWh lithium-ion battery which takes a time duration of 45 minutes from 0 to 80 % charge by using a 100 kW quick charger or 10 hours using a 7kW AC wallbox. It is expected to cover a range of 483 km and its power output is rated at 395 bhp and 696 Nm of torque.

Mahindra Electric Vehicle

  • 6 Mahindra KUV 100: Being an innovator in the field of electric mobility, Mahindra has confirmed to launch the electric version of its KUV 100 by this year 2019. It would have 150 kW battery pack and a 380 volt-system which provides a range of 250 kilometers. The company has also announced that by March 2020 they will launch EV 2.0, their next generation of electric vehicles with a high voltage and high-performance powertrain having a capability to give aspirational vehicles.