ST31P450: Faster Transactions, Better User Experience & MIFARE Support

STMicroelectronics recently announced the ST31P450, currently the smallest secure microcontroller using the Arm SecurCore SC000. Built on a 40 nm process node, it embeds 450 KB of Flash, an RF interface, and is compliant with the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and EMVCo standards, which destines it mainly for dual interface bank cards, meaning cards that can both perform contact and contactless transactions.

While its small size will help card manufacturers integrate it in new designs, the 30% increase in transaction times and better compatibility with any type of readers open the MCU to a lot more markets around the world. Furthermore, as MIFARE licensee, ST provides a unique guarantee to companies that wish to open their design to the world and have the assurance that their product will offer a genuine experience.

Explore how ST31P450 address the challenges customers face when dealing with markets that don’t always use standard readers.