700 MHz Portable PIM Analyzer Designed for Site Verification

Kaelus, a leading supplier of high-quality, PIM test and measurement instruments and RF conditioning solutions, has launched a new 700 MHz high power 40W version of the iPA Portable PIM Analyzer.

The new 40W iPA-0707D from Kaelus is designed for site verification where typical 20W carrier power level is not sufficient to test external PIM.

Low level external PIM is below the noise floor of standard spectrum monitoring instruments,” said Tony Langelaan, Product Line Manager, Kaelus Test & Measurement. “The higher power levels of the transmitting tones of the 40W iPA-0707D significantly increase the PIM level and are therefore more likely to be detectable.”

Product Features

● 40W (+46 dBm) max power output per carrier
● Able to be reduced to +30 dBm in steps of 1 dB
● Same size, weight and interface of the Kaelus 20W iPA
● Compatible with the Kaelus RTF Module
● Compatible with the Kaelus ACE calibration extender
● Rugged and portable construction