R&S PR200 portable monitoring receiver for complex signal environments

Rohde & Schwarz introduced the new R&S PR200 portable monitoring receiver at ITU Telecom World in Budapest event. The R&S PR200 is highly versatile as it offers a very wide frequency range from 8 kHz to 8 GHz, or even up to 18 GHz with the HF907DC SHF handheld antenna along with integrated downconverter. The receiver is especially suited to handle complex signal environments as it features high linearity and effective preselection. It also offers automatic gain control (AGC) to attenuate or amplify the input signal to prevent overloading and enable adaptation to any given situation.

The R&S PR200 is an indispensable tool for regulatory authorities, mobile network operators, police forces, military units and other security organizations. Using the portable receiver, they can search for and analyze known and unknown radio emissions and localize signal sources. The receiver offers various display options, markers and other tools for signal analysis.

Low weight was a design criterion in the development of the R&S PR200. At only 3.5 kg, the receiver enables a long operating time of more than 3.5 hours, perfect for longer field operations. Thanks to extensive beta-user feedback, Rohde & Schwarz was able to position the R&S PR200 as THE go-to-tool at large.

The R&S PR200 performs signal processing in two separate paths, each with up to 40 MHz realtime bandwidth, enabling simultaneous spectrum display and analysis in the frequency domain, as well as signal display and demodulation in the time domain. The R&S PR200 reliably detects signals with a duration of 1.5 microseconds, so virtually no signal goes undetected.