Coilcraft and Maxim Develop Industrial Power Solution

Mouser Electronics is pleased to offer customers a new resource webpage dedicated to a new Industrial Power Solution from Coilcraft and Maxim Integrated. Customers are invited to attend a webinar on simplifying the complexity of industrial power solutions at 2 pm EDT on Wednesday, Sept. 25, presented by the two manufacturers and Mouser.

The complementary products from Coilcraft and Maxim support “no-opto” flyback topologies in low-power DC-DC converter designs. The application-specific Industrial Power Solution webpage also includes a block diagram and link to an informative post on Mouser’s Bench Talk blog to assist in making the proper product choices for flyback converter designs that omit an optocoupler.

Coilcraft and Maxim have developed an Industrial Power Solution that eliminates extra components, reduces board area, minimizes costs, and simplifies the complexity of industrial power designs. Coilcraft YA9280-AL flyback transformers are optimized for Maxim’s MAXREFDES1226 reference design and MAX17690 no-optoisolated flyback controllers. Experts from Coilcraft and Maxim will present the educational webinar on Sept. 25, enabling a collaborative discussion on how to reduce design complexity and footprints for power solutions. To register for the webinar and to learn more about the Industrial Power Solution from Coilcraft and Maxim, visit