Brushless Slotted Motors for Surgical Applications Offering In Excess of 500+ Sterilization Cycles

Portescap announced the new line of standard prototype motors for surgical applications. These 15 motors represent Portescap’s new SM series of surgical motors designed to meet the demanding requirements for surgical devices at a more cost-effective price point.

These motors leverage Portescap’s market leading sterilizable design approach and surgical application expertise to provide a more affordable and consistently reliable solution for surgical device makers. These motors have been optimized for Powered Staplers, Large and Small Bone Orthopedic Tools, Arthroscopic Shavers, ENT Microdebriders, and High Speed Neuro Drill applications. They are also well-suited for traditional surgical tools, as well as for robotically assisted surgical devices and can be paired with a Portescap sterilizable controller for battery powered applications.

Portescap is a world leader in sterilizable motor technology. Thanks to decades of development and millions of surgeries in the field, Portescap motors have the proven capability to deliver exceptional surgical results under the most demanding conditions. Portescap’s cost-effective SM motors have been designed and tested to withstand 500+ sterilization cycles. These small motors range in diameter from 0.5-1.23 inches, speeds up to 97K RPM, and torques up to 17.5 oz-in. They are lightweight with low noise and vibration to maximize tactile response and surgeon control in the most delicate of surgeries.

Standard prototypes are available within two weeks, enabling Portescap’s partners to begin testing quickly and shorten their time to market. Portescap’s R&D engineers are well versed in medical device integration and are eager to collaborate – for partners needing custom solutions, Portescap can optimize a design to meet the exact requirements of the application. For more information visit