Gaia: A Startup, an STM32F0, and a Mission to Promote Public Health

A smart feedback polling system from the Indian startup Gaia Smart Cities was one of the partner demos at STMicroelectronics booth at electronica India, in Greater Noida, from September 25 to 27, 2019. Gaia deployed about 4,000 smart feedback systems in 33 airports and more than 100 cities. Even the Indian government adopted it as part of their Swachh Bharat Mission, a national campaign to improve the cleanliness of communities and infrastructure. All in all, the startup has already processed over 75 million responses.

The machine itself uses an STM32F0 to collect people’s feedback. Users press a button that matches their sentiment about a public place after experiencing its cleanliness, queues, services, food courts, customer service, and more. The system relays the information to a cloud platform that offers analytical tools. The initiative is also highly symbolic because Gaia Smart Cities is the first successful startup to come out of STartUP Labs, ST incubator program in India.