How Schools Can Benefit from Software Solutions: Education, Engagement and Business

Various aspects of modern education are benefitting from the use of technology all the time, with online education being the biggest example. In case you are wondering how software solutions can do the same for a small school, stay with us as we discuss the importance of solutions such as student information systems, tuition management systems, and even a comprehensive school management system in brief.

Student Information System (SIS)

A SIS is a cloud/local server based system and service for storing, hosting, tracking and managing all data related to each and every student in the school. It is designed to boost productivity among the staff by eliminating a lot of the repetitive paperwork. A few common attributes of a good student information system can be defined as the following:

  • Easy creation and integration of predesigned forms
  • Easily accessible and updateable interface
  • Certain common fields include sections for medical contact information, family information, emergency contact information, health information, etc.

Tuition Management Systems

A tuition management system can be immensely helpful for any school, and if your school is not using it yet, then the establishment is losing out on better money management in terms of business and financial clarity. Expect the following benefits from all good tuition management systems designed for small schools:

  • Online payment options
  • Categorization options for all due, upcoming, and paid fees
  • Easy payment tracking to know which payment was made for what, and by whom
  • 24/7, easy access to all tuition information, with the ability to set reminders
  • Customizability to individually change the fee structure for each and every student

A Comprehensive School Management System

Finally, this is what you really need to manage all aspects of a school, and it is the complete collection of each and every tool needed for efficient management of academics, business and parent-teacher-student engagement as a whole. SchoolCues offers one of the most comprehensive school management systems for small schools, which includes but isn’t limited to the features of a student information system or tuition management system.

Some of the many features expected from such top-of-the-line school management systems can be pointed out as below:

  • Student information management system
  • Online tuitions and other payments management
  • Online admission features
  • Customizable and universally accessible calendar system
  • Paperless slip creation (complaints, absence, etc.), reception and sending features
  • Paperless, easy creation of RSVP forms by teachers
  • Paperless report cards and transcript creation and sending features
  • Student grading systems based on performance, absence, presence, achievements, activities, discipline, etc.
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacking menu creation options for parents to choose from
  • Incident and daily reporting for easy interaction between teachers and parents
  • Contact list creation for marketing the school
  • Helpful reminder settings to prevent missed deadlines for teachers and students
  • A secure, encrypted web platform for the school management system to operate on

Indeed, there are many benefits of using a school management system. But aside from the ones mentioned above, there are some school management systems which are integrated with creativity and marketing tools to allow academic institutions to market their educational services during the opening of the school year. These systems, for example, may allow you to make marketing materials using back to school flyer and banner templates/designs. These materials are important for school owners, teachers, and students, especially when facing the opening of classes as they can help promote school events and introduce the school to its wide audience.

On the other hand, there are also management systems that are integrated with school mobile apps for learning. With the advent of modern innovations these days, many schools around the globe have already started to use electronic devices like computers, laptops, and tablets for learning. 

As such, several school mobile apps for learning are also in place to conduct lessons and other school activities for students. From tutorials and video lectures to fun activities like quizzes and games, students can get the most out of these applications for learning. They can also be used to check the students’ academic performance in real-time, which is important in providing them with a more pleasant learning experience.

Lastly, some school mobile systems also come with tools that can help stir the students’ imagination. For example, creating images and designs can be useful in facilitating student development. The teachers can also use them as virtual representations for insightful discussions during class.

The list goes on, and schools that do not have a comprehensive school management system, or even basic student management systems, will experience a tremendous shift in productivity across every sector of academics, staff and student management, payment management, parent-teacher interactions, student engagement and much, much more.