Role of Electronics in Gaming Industry

Gaming industry is in a boom and increasing rapidly at a very faster rate which has embarked a worldwide impact on each and every game lover. Today the gaming industry is not only providing the best gaming experience to people but has also become a source of earning via youtubers, streaming, recording and advertising. Electronics industry is changing the era of gaming with the advancement of AI and machine learning in online games. Here are some of the updates –

Changing Dynamics of Video Game Industry:

The video game industry is at boom which is continuously emerging through its advancement in technology and new products with unique gaming ideas. According to Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report, around $ 138 billion is expected to be spend by gamers around the world. The video games, mobile and esports trend is increasing year over year at a rate of 13.3 % or an extra $ 16.2 billion. Here are some of the biggest trends that would change the video game industry over the next decade.

  • Entry of New Players:

According to Newzoo, it is estimated that 2.3 billion people – more than 30% of the world population actively play games. This increasing demand and active participation of gamers is attracting more companies to invest in this sector. Walmart and Amazon’s Twitch (a video-game viewing platform) are developing video-game streaming services. With so many people playing games across all video gaming platforms for extended periods of time, comfort is key. These PS5 controller grips are an essential addition to any gamer’s kit as they help provide comfort and grip at all touch points with the control.

  • Gameplay with streaming:

Google, Microsoft and other video game companies are working on streaming the games as easy as songs or movies on Netflix. Microsoft’s Project xCloud, a new streaming service for gaming is focusing on the idea of playing a high quality, blockbuster games on any device. On the other hand, Google’s Stadia aim to run high resolution blockbuster games on any device that run Google’s Chrome and also plan to launch its free version in the month of February 2020. According to Zion Market Research, a year between 2018 and 2026, the global video-game streaming market is expected to grow by 27 percent and it will be the upcoming trend in gaming.

  • Game’s monetization and engagement:

 Samantha Greenberg, managing partner and chief investment officer at Margate Capital Management said that 60% of teenagers play video games and 50 collages offer video-game scholarships. As engagement continues to grow, the video-game developer’s business model is evolving to “recurring revenue model” and investors would have valuable earning stream with more predictability. Electronics Art, a leading publisher of games on Console, mobile and PC, collected $ 714 million in revenue from live services last quarter making about 58% of its total sales.

  • Cloud Gaming:

Cloud Gaming sometimes referred as gaming on demand is the technology that allow a player to play game using his internet connection and streaming it directly to his device from the cloud. Shadow, GeForce Now, Vortex, Project xCloud and PlayStation Now are some of the cloud gaming services.

Electronic Casino Gaming – A Smarter version of Casinos

Electronic gaming has changed the playing experience of gambling world of Casinos. To add more fun, virtual reality is the technology that would make the feel of online gambling more realistic and interactive. Gone are the days when people used to play traditional table games which has now been replaced by the smarter electronic version of gaming that is ‘Electronic table games’.

Electronic table games (ETGs) are the computers that allow participants to play confidently and comfortably and sit back, relaxing and playing at their own pace. It uses random number generators for determining the outcome.

Sands Bethlehem, a leader in electronic table gaming is a home to more than 3,000 slot machines, 180 live table games and 36 live poker tables in the Sands Poker Room and offers Criss Cross Poker, Roulette, Mini/Midi Baccarat, Casino War and Electronic blackjack etc.  Casinos in India are also not untouched with electronic gaming machines.

To make the online casino games more realistic and impressive many casino websites have now started using Artificial Intelligence with AR (augmented Reality) and 3D. The use of AI-powered slot machines to facilitate fair gaming practices to minimize the chances of cheating is also in trend. AI is not only employed in games but has also been an integral part in the security systems of Casinos. Recently, Las Vegas Casinos have spent millions of dollars to upgrade their camera systems and added AI to detect the threats like gunshots as well.

Blockchain Technology in Gaming Industry

Blockchain Technology is likely to change the dimensions of gaming industry. Many observers think that this technology will play a massive role in the growth of electronic sports as to customize their experience many gamers buy the tokens and digital avatars. The technology will make the sector a increasingly attractive investment target.

Rahul Sood, CEO of Unikrn, believes that blockchain could allow to liquidate or trade digital assets between different games which would create their whole virtual economy. He further said that blockchain in gaming industry is the best way to track the transactions and a way to investment in games.

Blockchain would not only enhance the gaming experience but can also be used to minimize the chances of cheating and advantage taken by players during game mishap.