550W AC/DC Fanless Power Supplies with Baseplate Cooling

RECOM’s new 550W AC/DC power supplies support fanless operation with an ingenious thermal baseplate design. This allows these 5″ x 3″ power supplies to be integrated into a wide variety of medical, industrial, ITE and household designs without requiring additional cooling.

The RACM550 series is designed to support up to 300 watts of continuous output power at 24V without cooling fans. Building on the RACM230 230W 4″ x 2″ series, this highly efficient 5″ x 3″ baseplate-cooled design measures just 38mm total height and enables direct heat dissipation through metal housings in the end application. Up to 550 watts of peak power is available to drive dynamic loads for several seconds, or even longer with minimal forced air. A smart fan output is available as standard as well as a 5V/1A VSB output for applications with housekeeping circuits and on/off control. In standby mode, the units consume less than 500mW of power.

The wide input range of 80 to 264VAC, up to 5000m operating altitude, operating ambient temperatures of -40 to +70°C, and international safety agency certifications make the series worldwide-compliant for medical 2MOPP (250VAC), household, industrial and ITE applications. The RACM550 series is available as an open-frame design or in an enclosed metal housing.

Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM.