Can AI detect and deal with Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan has now become a serious international health emergency due to its increasing number of victims and deaths of infected people. It is a contagious and zoonotic (transmitted between animals and people) virus with symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, fever and breathing difficulties.

To combat the new strain of this virus which is novel coronavirus (nCoV), many Tech firms are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to predict, create awareness and warn people about its danger zones.

BlueDot, a Canadian firm is the first one to report this epidemic using an Artificial Intelligence-powered system that go through animals and plant disease networks and warned clients to travel danger zones much before the governments started. The company uses the Machine Learning and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that can process the large amount of data in real-time and helped it to correctly predict the spread of virus to Tokyo, Bangkok, Seoul and Taipei.

The AI voice assistants call people and give advice on home quarantine. To collect and check the information on health conditions and personal identity the AI bot can make about 200 calls within five minutes as compared manually. This makes the process of producing daily reports and categorization of information very rapidly and as a result speed up the monitoring process for the spread of virus.

Human cleaners are replaced by the autonomous robots at segregated wards for spraying disinfectants in order to reduce the infection rate. According to the reports of Chinese media, the Shanghai Lingzhi Technology’s cleaning robot can work for three hours without stopping to spray the disinfectant on self-navigated routes in hospitals.

In many areas drones equipped with loudspeakers are also being used to monitor citizens who are not wearing masks to recall them the prevention measures.  To prevent and detect the diseases like Coronavirus and for better surveillance, AI has already been augmented correctly in the system which can increase the possibility of finding the cure also.