How VR and AR are Changing the Face of Business

Technology is always changing and evolving, and what’s more, is that it is becoming somewhat a staple in our daily lives. Long gone are the days when we could go days without checking our phones, or simply only use a controller to play Mario Kart. It’s now all about VR and AR and their benefits, as well as how they can improve our lives just by being apart of it. Although they’ve both previously been seen as a gimmick, this couldn’t be any further from the truth now. Essentially, VR and AR are changing the face of technology as we know it, and all different industries and businesses are using them to their advantage.

Although prices for these gadgets is costly when you first purchase them, in the long term, they can save you a significant amount of money. After all, you must think of purchasing a virtual reality headset as something that will benefit your life in many ways and be around for a long time – it’s an investment. Through buying a VR or AR technology piece, you are investing in the future of business and the prospect of which we expect the world to go even further where technology is concerned. Simply put, you don’t want your business to suffer, but you’re not spending money on the right equipment for your employees or customers.

Interested in finding out more about how VR and AR are changing the face of business and ways that individual businesses are using this smart tech to get ahead of their competition? Keep reading to find out more…


Perhaps one of the most surprising business types on this list has to be the retail sector, and how they’re currently utilising VR to their advantage. VR (also known as virtual reality) can have many purposes, and from news headlines, it happens to be that the retail giants, Walmart, are training their employees using the exciting piece of tech. Back in 2019, an article hit the headlines when explaining that Walmart had used VR in training their employees for a Black Friday event (which was planned to be one of the busiest days in the store’s history!). Ever since the successes of doing this, the retail masterminds have continued to use VR to train new employees and even simulate the best places for special offers to go when in-store. In fact, VR may be a large initial cost but in the long term, it will save any business money.

Real Estate

Real estate has always been a sector well beyond its time, with companies using technology to their advantage for both employees and customers. There are so many real estate businesses utilising VR and AR now, and it’s refreshing to see the industry keeping up with tech trends. Even real estate and property investment companies in the UK are using VR too. RWinvest, with headquarters in Liverpool, uses VR to show their potential and current clients their off-plan developments and how they will look once completed. Not only does this enable the client to visualise their property, but it also means that they feel more confident with their purchase

Healthcare and Surgeries

Another innovative way that businesses are using VR is through healthcare trainees and professionals. Nowadays, surgeons can train through AR and VR systems to learn specific procedures and how well they would perform in the real world. Not only is this a good learning experience for them, but it also means that no one is putting their life at risk for a trainee to work on them. Instead, when a trainee surgeon uses VR, they will build up enough confidence to eventually work on a real person.