YAMAHA industrial robotics group adds new models to its SCARA robots Series

The YAMAHA industrial robotics group of the Intelligent Machinery Division announces the addition of the new YK610XE-10 (610mm arm length) and YK710XE-10 (710mm arm length) models to the YK-XE Series of SCARA robots.

The two new models build on the high motion performance and low cost of the current YK-XE Series. Both models deliver high performance, with 10kg maximum payload and standard cycle time of 0.39 seconds (YK610XE-10) or 0.42 seconds (YK710XE-10), contributing to higher productivity.

Additionally, the accessible pricing for these models enables developing production facilities with high performance at lower cost.

Combined with the YK400XE-4 (400mm arm length) launched last year, the YK-XE Series now includes three models. The expanded product lineup also covers a broader range of applications, encompassing not only assembly, conveyance, and sorting of small components such as are included in smartphones and PCs, but also large components found in automobiles and in-home appliances.