What Is The Future of The Biggest Coin In The Market?

This is probably the hottest theme on the web and the main topic for discussion in business communities. Bitcoin price prediction 2030 has already been done, but there’s no common opinion. Some predictions are quite negative whereas others are extremely optimistic. In very deed, no one truly knows what will happen in a year or two. For example, a year ago, we couldn’t even imagine that we all will be closed at home because of the COVID pandemic.

When talking about Bitcoin predictions, we should rely on the opinion of professionals with technological and financial backgrounds. Let’s begin with some negative predictions that you need to be aware of if you want to invest in this so-popular coin.

Overview of Negative Forecast

Jamie Dimon, a well-known American billionaire business executive says that Bitcoin is a “fraud”. Moreover, he also told that if his employees will be caught to be trading Bitcoin, he will fire them.

Another billionaire, Warren Buffet, doesn’t support this new tendency too. The man says that it’s “rat poison squared”. He doesn’t understand this new trend and doesn’t consider the coin to be reliable.

Dr. Nouriel Roubini, a well-known American economist who is considered to be the main cryptocurrency critic says that digital money has no fundamental value. According to his point of view, only precious metals have fundamentals.

All in all, both of them represent the area of traditional finances. It goes without saying that this niche is most threatened by the potential of this currency.

Should You Invest In Bitcoin In The Near Future?

When it comes to the future of this currency, we should rely on the opinion of professionals in this niche. Let’s begin with less positive predictions.

Peter Schiff – $1.000

This man is a successful US economist, who thinks that Bitcoin has the right to exist. The business expert predicts that very soon the price for this coin will be lower than $1.000. Moreover, he says that BTC will fall even faster than anyone thinks.

Let’s move on to discussing more positive predictions.

BitMex research

According to this research, the price for Bitcoin may rise to $15.000. First, Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX told that the price may fall up to $3.000. The man believes that stocks will plunge and the most popular coin will follow. However, a lot depends on the situation that we have today. The whole world is attacked by COVID; the US and Europe notice progress in keeping the virus from spreading, the stock market also shows a strong response. All this may lead to an increased demand for BTC. Therefore, the price may go higher.

Altcoin daily predictions

This is a top requested YouTube channel about finances. Moreover, they are influencers in this niche. Their predictions are extremely optimistic; theн expect that the price will rise to $20.000. Moreover, they are waiting for such results during the first half of the year.

Fundstrat predictions

Tom Lee is a professional in this niche. He’s the Head of Research at Fundstrat Global Advisors. This company specializes in providing technical and fundamental research to investors.

Why should you believe him? The answer is evident – his research is always based on facts.

Moreover, the expert correctly predicted the Bitcoin price in 2019.

So, what about 2020? This man suggested that the value of this coin will increase in 2020. Moreover, his research promises a 100% return for all the investors this year. Mr. Lee says that the price may reach $25.000. He believes that digital money is the network value asset. Simply put, the more people hold it, the more the value is. In other words, if the number of users increases, we all will immediately notice a quadrupling of value.

Antonio Trenchev

This is a co-founder of Nexo, who strongly believes that the price for Bitcoin may rise to $50.000. This man thinks that this currency is the new gold that simply can’t disappear unnoticed. Very soon, we all experience its impact on the financial market.

Overall, future predictions are very optimistic. But remember, we only suggest but no one knows what future to expect. A lot depends on the state of the economy. But the fact that the USA is going to integrate cryptocurrency to the financial system of the country can’t slip under the radar. This means that investment in BTC might be a good idea!

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