E-PEAS raised additional Euro 8 million fund to advanced energy harvesting solutions

Award-winning start-up e-peas continues to underline its reputation as the go-to supplier of advanced energy harvesting solutions, having just completed its latest funding round.

With ever increasing demand for its ground-breaking technology, a rapidly expanding sales pipeline to attend to, plus exciting innovations under development, the company has raised an additional Euro 8 million worth of investment. This financial injection has been led by Partech and Airbus Ventures, with KBC Focus Fund, W.IN.G, Noshaq Ventures, LeanSquare, Nivelinvest and Vives also contributing. By leveraging the raised funds, e-peas will be able to accelerate the introduction of new products and intensify the market penetration of its existing products, as well as strengthening its commercial presence worldwide by opening more offices.

In the future, society will need to shift towards energy sources that have less ecological impact. Tens of billions of connected IoT and edge computing devices are now starting to be deployed and activity will keep on ramping up in the decades ahead. Reliance on disposable batteries in this context is simply impractical – with heavy network maintenance costs being incurred (as depleted batteries will need replacing periodically), along with huge damage to the environment.

e-peas is uniquely positioned within this sector, serving as a one stop shop for customers’ energy harvesting requirements and enabling their hardware to be powered indefinitely. The company is successfully addressing opportunities in industrial, home/building automation, agriculture, health monitoring, smart metering and other sectors. Over the last 3 years, it has been continually broadening the scope of its Ambient Energy Manager (AEM) product line. This now covers solar, thermal, vibration and RF methods for extracting energy from IoT devices’ surroundings – thereby making them completely energy autonomous. The imminent introduction of ultra-low power processing and sensing solutions will bolster the e-peas portfolio still further.