5 Ways You Can Work Smarter With PeopleSoft On Oracle Cloud

Customers of Oracle PeopleSoft are loyal users of its applications. They have been committed customers over the years, continuously offering their suggestions for improvements and directing other users within the community. As active promoters of the brand, they have worked to build a solid community by contributing insights from their own experiences.

Each PeopleSoft customer has a unique experience with the technology. However, the community shares a lot of similarities of usage when it comes to regular maintenance practices, migrations, and integrating applications.

Customers also experience similar inconsistencies with maintenance tasks, including security, refreshing, and migration. The issues that are often mentioned include problems with the lack of automation and environment code, configuring new features, and setting up security architectures.

The community has spoken and it is clear that a solution is needed. Oracle Cloud now offers two platforms, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), to help address the inconsistencies with maintenance tasks and provide a more efficient option. IaaS and PaaS allow PeopleSoft customers to:

  • Reduce administrative overheads
  • Achieve more efficient response times
  • Decrease manual errors
  • Automate maintenance tasks
  • Gain more efficient and reliable performance

If you aren’t already implementing these platforms as a PeopleSoft customer, it’s time to consider giving them a try. They can greatly improve the efficiency, timeliness, and security efforts of all PeopleSoft applications. The following is a list of five major ways you can work smarter with PeopleSoft migration to cloud.

1. Timeliness

It can often take one or two days to deploy a new system of PeopleSoft, while other cases require more time. Sometimes, it can even take months, depending on the following factors:

  • On-premise customer environments
  • Availability of infrastructure and resources
  • Integration of processes and procedures
  • Experience and skill sets

Oracle Cloud offers customers more consistency, quality, and performance regarding the process of implementing a new instance. The pre-built images in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace allow you to create your new instances right off the bat. You can also store images of your own baseline architectures to implement your new instances more efficiently.

As a bonus tip, you can use the features in this order, “click, select, and deploy,” to create extra instances based on your specific needs. You can remove them just as quickly and easily as you create them as well.

2. Backup Features

Another key component that can be executed smarter and more efficiently is the backup and restore feature. This is typically performed by using the RMAN tool, personalized scripts, or, in the worst-case scenario, manually.

No matter how you perform your Backup and Restore process, it can be challenging to obtain dependable backups to use later, when you really need them. Plus, you become too reliant on the disk space, off-premise storage, or servers that can possibly cause further delays or complications for such a basic and necessary demand.

PaaS includes an Oracle Database Cloud Service that makes backing up and restoring the files you need easier. It provides a more secure and dependable space to store your information.

How can you achieve this? With a subscription to the Oracle Database Cloud Service, you can quickly and easily set up the instance. You will have access to enough storage for your backup needs, and it is fully integrated.

Additionally, you can easily change the frequency of your backup features or policy by logging into your OCI portal. You can simply do it yourself, and avoid having to call the DBA team.

3. Data Refresh

As a PeopleSoft customer, you have your own individual schedule for refreshing your instances. This particular task can be time-consuming and costly. Think of all the time and resources you use to take a snapshot of a moment of production, then change it to non-production, then restore and execute all of the post-refresh tasks necessary in order to set up the non-production instance after you’ve brought it up.

You can simplify this process with the Oracle Cloud. In just three or four simple steps in the OCI Portal, you can easily select the instance, create the snapshot, and while the snapshot is being created, focus on other tasks at hand. Once the snapshot is all set, a few more clicks allow you to use it to create a new instance for testing. Furthermore, you can use the Oracle Database Vault Service to secure all transaction data in non-production.

4. Secure Application Monitoring

Next on the list of ways you can work smarter with PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud relates to monitoring the program overall. With useful tools such as the Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service, you have the ability to streamline your DevOps processes and secure a strong production and development environment.

These tools make application monitoring simpler to create, configure, and auto-discover all of your instances. Plus, you can start managing all of your essential services instantaneously. The Cloud Portal provides real-time data and information all in one place. You can personalize your notifications, alerts, and other features to handle your needs.

5. Upgrading and Updating

Oracle Cloud makes it easier to handle all prerequisites that come with upgrading or updating These include infrastructure provisioning, scheduling, and apprehending the installation process for that particular update image. This can be done once a customer has downloaded a new image from Oracle Support (for V9.2).

With OCI, a customer has the option of selecting the latest PUM image from the marketplace as a complete instance and then using it to deploy their new demo instance for PeopleSoft. Additionally, customers have the ability to download as many PUM images available as they’d like and save it to a specific list. They only need to pay for the image when they deploy and use it.

In Conclusion

Oracle Cloud can greatly improve your experience using PeopleSoft. If you’re still deliberating whether it makes sense for your business to migrate your PeopleSoft to cloud, Oracle Public Cloud provides efficient solutions that can, without a doubt, change your mind.