Bel Magnetic Solutions Introduces 10GBASE-T Single Port 60W PoE MagJack ICMs

Bel Magnetic Solutions introduces 10GBASE-T single port 60W, 4-pair PoE (Power over Ethernet) MagJack ICMs that are designed for those looking to upgrade their product performance for maximum speed at 60W of power over standard Ethernet cable.

The 60W PoE specification doubles the amount of power products can handle over existing applications while also increasing their speed by ten times. The 10GBASE-T MagJack ICM series can transmit or receive 0 to 60W of power per port over all 4 pairs within the Ethernet cable while maintaining the bandwidth of the NBASE-T compliant 10Gigabit Ethernet signals. These ICMs can be used as either a PSE (Power Source Equipment) or a PD (Powered Device) and are compatible with all major 10GBASE-T PHYs, including the latest current-mode and voltage-mode PHYs.

The 10GBASE-T 60W ICMs are backward compatible to existing Ethernet networks and to slower speeds and lower powers and use industry standard footprints and pin-outs. These 60W ICMs are ideal for next generation 5G cellular and Wireless Access Point applications and can be used on next general PoE products where 30W of power is not sufficient.

Features & Benefits

• 10GBASE-T capable design
• Single port configuration
• Industry standard footprints & pinouts
• Can be used as PSE or PD
• Compatible with all major 10GBASE-T PHYs per the table below
• Backward compatible to existing Ethernet networks
• Comply with the requirements of NBASE-T and IEEE 802.3bz


• 5G cellular equipment and base stations
• NBASE-T complaint products
• Higher bandwidth wireless access points
• High power sourcing applications like low density 10GBASE-T Ethernet
switches requiring up to 60W of 48V power
• High powered devices like Ethernet cameras that require more than 30W
of power


• Meets all IEEE 802.3 10/100BASE-T thru 10GBASE-T
electrical requirements including RL, IL, hi-pot and
common mode parameters
• Operates from -40°C to 85°C
• 100% hi-pot tested in production
• Different LED color combinations and options available
• 50 micro-inches of gold-plated contacts as required by
the TIA 1096/FCC 47, Part 68

• RJ45 plug-tab up for ease of use
• Lead-free wave-solder compatible
• EMI-spring tabs on the shield for enhanced EMI and
ESD performance
• UL recognized
• RoHS 6/6 compliant