XGS CMOS Image Sensors for High-Resolution Industrial Imaging

Integrated Global Shutter sensor portfolio provide common architecture and resolutions up to 45 Mp

ON Semiconductor expanded their XGS family of image sensors for High-Resolution Industrial Imaging with high performance, low noise products that offer 12-bit image quality at a high frame rate. The New XGS CMOS Image Sensors offerings include the XGS 45000, the XGS 30000 and the XGS 20000, which provide detailed imaging with up to 45 Mp for resolution critical applications and up to 60 fps in 8K video mode.

The new XGS 5000 designed with low power performance and state-of-the art image quality for compact 29 x 29 mm2 camera designs is also available. Alongside the XGS 5000, 3 Mp and 2 Mp variants have been released for production.

All XGS devices feature a 3.2 mm pixel size giving high resolution while the advanced pixel design ensures low noise performance and image quality that is essential in challenging IoT applications such as machine vision and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). A global shutter ensures that moving objects can be captured without any motion artifacts. To simplify and accelerate time-to-market, the XGS devices offer a common architecture which allows one camera design to be developed easily with multiple resolutions.

Proving the ease-of-use and image quality of the XGS family, several leading manufacturers have successfully integrated the technology into their designs. Teledyne Imaging, a global leader in digital imaging technology, recently announced the availability of their new GenieTM Nano-5G M/C8100  area scan camera, designed using the XGS 45000.

“The performance, higher resolution, and quality of this new sensor technology are the main reasons Teledyne Imaging moved quickly to integrate the XGS sensors by ON Semiconductor into our Genie Nano-5G family of area scan cameras,” said Manny Romero, Senior Product Manager, Teledyne Imaging. “Our new cameras will use the XGS 45000, XGS 30000, and XGS 20000 sensors for industrial imaging applications requiring high speed data capture and transfers.”

JAI A/S, a leading provider of camera solutions for traffic imaging/vehicle recognition in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) has integrated the XGS 45000 into their new 45 Mp industrial camera. The SP-45000M-CXP4 provides 44.7-megapixel monochrome resolution at a market-leading 52 frames per second and supports full 8K resolution at over 60 frames per second.

“The XGS 45000 provided us the unique combination of a true 8K resolution running at 60 fps, an excellent image quality at 12 bit, and global shutter image capture capability, all together in one single device,” said Usman M. Syed, VP Strategy and Digital Innovation at JAI.

Basler, a leading global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial and retail applications, medical devices, and traffic systems, also newly announced that they will integrate the XGS sensors into their boost platform which is based on the latest CoaXPress 2.0 machine vision standard.  

“We see the XGS sensors as a great way to extend our boost CXP-12 camera family into higher resolutions,” said Thomas Karow, Product Market Manager at Basler. “They fit perfectly to the great price-performance ratio positioning of our camera and are especially suited for new designs as well as the transition from CCD to CMOS in existing high resolution vision systems.”

ON Semiconductor offers a wide range of development tools to support the design process. A demo kit includes a hardware platform with DevSuite software. This allows full sensor evaluation with access to all register settings. The X-Celerator platform includes public FPGA code and provides a direct interface to standard FPGA development environments including Xilinx and Altera. Supporting XGS devices up to 16 Mp, the X-Cube platform is a full 29 x 29 mm2 reference design that offers HiSPi-to-MIPI conversion via a Lattice FPGA as well as image capture, processing and analysis using the DevSuite software.