How to Brighten up Your Home Office

Perhaps you have read a lot of articles on the basic elements for your home office. You for instance need a good office chair, applications for videoconferencing and preferably noise cancelling headphones. If you don’t have your own IT equipment, you can simply rent a laptop (translated to Dutch: laptop huren)  or rent an iPad (translated to Dutch: iPad huren) at an IT rental company. But in addition to the essentials, it’s also desirable to brighten up your home office a little bit. After all, you’re often sitting there for at least 8 hours a day.

Therefore, in this article we give you some tips on how to make your home office happier and cosier!


You can never have enough plants. Plants can add some colour to your room making it cosier and giving it a happier vibe. But next to that, plants can also benefit your health. Plants clean the air and improve ambient air quality. As a result, plants can help you to focus attention. Last but not least, plants also relax the mind. Do you need any more proof? 

Fluffy faux fur rug

Do you have one of those ugly office chairs? Why not cover it up with a fluffy faux fur rug? This will give your chair – or the floor near your desk – a quick and glamorous makeover. It’s really soft and gives your home office a cosy feeling!

(Aromatic) candles

How lovely is it to light a candle next to your computer. Lightning a candle symbolizes more light and more strength; something you might need during your workday! It’s even more fun if you buy some perfumed candles or a so-called aroma diffuser. For the latter you can use your favourite essential oils to diffuse aromatic scents. The smell can stimulate your creativity and reduce stress. Consequently you are able to work more productively.

Table lamp

Especially now the days are getting shorter, a table lamp is a definite must-have! It can brighten up the whole room with a soft warm light. Do you want a special table lamp? Then buy yourself a Himalayan salt lamp and give your home some positive energy. You can never have too many cute light fixtures. Alternatively, if you are looking more for the coolest custom LED neon lighting for your Home and Office décor, you can check out the Neon Mama website.

Colourful mousepad

Looking for something cheerful and practical at the same time? Then you may like a colourful ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support. A mouse pad is a great way to add some personality to your home office. In addition, a mouse pad also keeps your hand and wrist as comfortable as possible. Consequently you can prevent your hand and wrist from hurting throughout the day. 

We hope that these tips will inspire you how to brighten up your own home office!