Connected Home Security Evaluation Kit with OPTIGA Trust M for Raspberry Pi

Infineon simplifies the design & implementation of secured smart home devices with the new Connected home security evaluation kit with OPTIGA Trust M for Raspberry Pi

Prototyping platform supports Zigbee Alliance’s new Connected Home over IP standards

Infineon Technologies AG introduced a new connected home evaluation kit based on an OPTIGA Trust M security solution for Raspberry Pi.

Using this kit, device manufacturers can experience the strong security of Infineon’s security hardware in combination with the new Connected Home over IP standards that are being developed by the Zigbee Alliance. Basing the new kit on the familiar Raspberry Pi platform accelerates quick prototyping which is particularly key for IoT device manufacturers.

The OPTIGA Trust M supports many features that are highly valuable for the Connected Home over IP standards:

  • Common Criteria Certified EAL6+ (high) hardware security controller
  • Infineon true Zero Touch Provisioning and Secured and Certified Chain of Trust
  • Secured data storage and full X.509 certificate handling
  • Cryptographic support for AES, ECC NIST and Brainpool P256/384/512, RSA, TLS
  • TRNG/DRNG random number generators
  • I2C interface with Shielded Connection (AES encrypted and Authenticated communication)
  • Hibernating mode for zero power consumption

The new “Connected home security evaluation kit with OPTIGA™ Trust M for Raspberry Pi” enables these features to be easily employed. All that is required for the integration is the OPTIGA Trust M and support software from Infineon, a Raspberry Pi board supplied by the customer and Zigbee Alliance’s open source reference software implementation of the Connect Home over IP standards.

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