High-Speed Signal Analysis & Compliance Testing tools using R&S RTP164 Oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz & Eurofins bring Advanced Testing Kit to High Speed Interface Compliance Test Programs

Eurofins Digital Testing and Rohde & Schwarz collaborate to give customers access to the latest High-Speed Signal Analysis and Compliance Testing tools using the R&S RTP164 high performance oscilloscope. These will give Eurofins a competitive edge in testing high-speed interoperability. They will further provide certification services for high-speed communications technologies including USB.

The growth in high-speed communications technologies in the digital age results in an increasing need to test products to ensure their compliance and compatibility with an ever-increasing number of industry standards.

Equipped with the R&S RTP164 high performance oscilloscope and associated tool set, Eurofins gains the ability to address these challenges that their clients face. In addition to an industry-leading specification, the oscilloscope features software options that make it the ideal platform for a number of the testing regimes undertaken by Eurofins. These analysis tools support multiple standards including USB, MIPI, PCIe, HDMI and CAN FD, and will prepare Eurofins’ test environment especially for current and emerging automotive standards such as Automotive Ethernet. Moreover, the oscilloscope supports not only compliance test, but troubleshooting applications with a bundle of Triggering and Decoding options, real time signal integrity debugging functions and advanced jitter analysis tools.

Taehoon Kim, vice president product division oscilloscopes at Rohde & Schwarz, commented: “We are extremely happy about our exclusive partnership with Eurofins. We follow a common goal of helping design engineers with their testing challenges around USB and other high-speed digital interfaces. The exchange between our engineers is very close.”

To enter this cooperation with Rohde & Schwarz was an easy decision for Eurofins, as both share common values as companies. With Eurofins being the first test facility for USB worldwide, and Rohde & Schwarz being a top test and measurement company, both will strengthen even more their position as no.1 experts in the domain as high-speed digital data analysis worldwide.