VE-Trac Dual power module Wins ASPENCORE’s World Electronics Achievement Award

The NVG800A75L4DSC recognized for market-leading electrical & thermal performance

ON Semiconductor has won an Innovative Product of the Year award in the Power Management/Voltage Converter category of the World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA) 2020 for its VE-Trac Dual power module, the NVG800A75L4DSC.

The WEAA, organized by ASPENCORE, honors products, companies, and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the innovation and development of the electronics industry. A committee comprising ASPENCORE global senior industry analysts and online users from Asia, the US, and Europe select the winners.

The VE-Trac Dual family of power modules has been designed for plug-in hybrid (PHEV), full hybrid (HEV), battery (BEV), and fuel cell (FCEV) electric vehicles (EVs). It is optimized for traction inverters and implements several innovations, including dual-side cooling, which gives it high power density and a small footprint.

A vital feature of the winning power module addresses the challenges associated with traction inverter design, such as power dissipation, switching efficiency, and thermal performance. Its wire bond-free structure also results in low stray inductance, enabling AQG-324 qualification while returning a long operational lifetime.

Inverters play a crucial role in the electric drivetrain, the equivalent of a fuel injection system in an internal combustion engine. They directly influence the overall efficiency of the EV and the range achieved from a single charge. ON Semiconductor enables higher energy efficiency in a broad range of EVs via the development of the VE-Trac Dual.

“It is gratifying to know that the wider electronics industry values the contribution we are making to innovation and energy efficiency with the VE-Trac Dual,” said Sergio Fissore, Vice President and General Manager of EV Traction Power Solutions at ON Semiconductor. “We understand how fiercely contended the WEAA awards are, so winning this award means a great deal to us and the entire ON Semiconductor team responsible for bringing the VE-Trac Dual to market.”