ON Semiconductor’s Transfer-Molded Power Integrated Modules won 2020 Top 10 Power Product in China

Industry recognizes company’s innovative TM-PIM technology for higher energy efficiency, power density & reliability 

ON Semiconductor’s family of 1200 V Transfer-Molded Power Integrated Modules (TM-PIM) has won a 2020 Top 10 Power Product Award organized by 21ic.com.

In order to achieve higher efficiency in a small footprint, ON Semiconductor has pioneered a new package for Power Integrated Modules addressing the motor drive market. This innovative package uses an epoxy resin to seal the entire module, while also forming the enclosure, in a single process. The transfer mold also removes the need for a base plate, which results in a module that is around 57% smaller than other power modules, while increasing power density and reducing thermal resistance by as much as 30%.

As well as increasing power density and reliability, the use of transfer molding delivers significant performance gains. This includes a 10-fold improvement in the module’s temperature cycle life, as well as a 3-fold extension to the power cycle life. This delivers a longer lifetime for inverter systems with higher reliability.

As TM-PIM is hermetic and encapsulated by epoxy mold compound and backside metal nickel plated, it can prevent dendrite formation between copper pad and is suitable to work under certain corrosion gas working environment

The 1200 V TM-PIM family includes the NXH25C120L2C2 (25 A), NXH35C120L2C2/2C2E (35 A) and the NXH50C120L2C2E (50 A). Each module integrates a number of ON Semiconductor’s class-leading solutions including 1200 V IGBTs, 1600 V rectifiers and an NTC thermistor. With higher energy efficiency and a robust design, the TM-PIMs are ideal for demanding motor drive applications such as HVAC, servo drives, industrial automation and robotics.

“We are delighted that 21ic.com has recognized the significance of our TM-PIM technology and how it benefits industrial motor drive systems with higher energy efficiency and reliability,” said Steven Shackell, Industrial Business Development Manager of Power Solutions Group, ON Semiconductor. “As a company committed to energy efficient innovation, receiving this award demonstrates that the industry appreciates our engineering team’s pioneering efforts.”

These TM-PIMs are available in both Converter-Inverter-Brake (CIB) and Converter-Inverter (CI) configurations. All modules comply with relevant industry standards including IEC 61800-5-1 and UL 1557 (EC 608861).

To bestow the recognition, the annual Top 10 Power Product Award program recognizes a range of power products through a strict evaluation and recommendation process by an expert judging panel. The nominated products are measured against three principal criteria: design innovation, price-performance and technological advancement.