TET1500 Series Power Supplies Offer Titanium Efficiency with HVDC Input Option & Black Box Recorder

Bel Power Solutions announced the TET1500 Series power supply for servers, routers, network switches and other high availability applications such as storage appliances. This Titanium efficiency 1500 W power supply converts standard AC or high-voltage DC (HVDC) into a main 12 Vdc output for powering intermediate bus architectures in information and communications technology (ICT) equipment.

The HVDC option enables design engineers to specify the same power supply for deployment in environments from enterprises to traditional datacenters. The HVDC input option can also be used to power redundant equipment powered from battery backups, DC generators or renewable energy sources.

Built-in black box recorder functionality continually monitors the power supply and can be used to speed up root cause analysis in the event of any issues during operation. Operational data is saved into non-volatile memory in case of a critical event, which can then be accessed via the I2C serial interface using the industry-standard Power Management Bus protocol. This interface also enables digital control of remote set-up and monitoring and can be used with the Bel Power Solutions I2C Utility, a free graphical user interface.