What Does the New HONOR Watch Bring Us

The first is the appearance:

The new HONOR Watch is designed as a square watch. The dial screen has a good display effect and is more delicate. The chin border of the screen is slightly wider than the top. The frame of the fuselage is made of good metal material, with good touch and texture. The opening key on the side of the fuselage is decorated with red. It is similar to the red opening key of HUAWEI P10. The charging magnetic suction port is arranged above the back of the fuselage. Below are the data detection elements.

The watchband adopts a variety of color matching, which is stylish and beautiful.

It supports many kinds of sports. The data detection is accurate. Such as all kinds of ball games, swimming, running, elliptical machines, etc. It can identify the movement mode of the user and record relevant data. Such as heart rate and pace frequency. The new HONOR Watch supports a variety of motion modes. No matter what kind of exercise users are doing, this watch can detect them.

It supports heart health research. This can enable users to know their own physical condition and predict possible risks in advance.

The dial of this watch is rectangular, which can display more contents and is comfortable to wear at the same time. HONOR can not only remind users of sedentary activities, but also tell users of the hazards of sedentary activities. It can guide users to take corresponding relaxation exercises. In addition, corresponding fitness courses are set up for sedentary and long-term lying to guide users to relax and exercise simply.

It supports sedentary body awakening, office neck and shoulder relief, office work exercises, high-efficiency fat burning, whole body stretching and relaxation, heart and lung improvement, physical exercise, lower abdomen flattening, core strength training, hip and leg plasticity, lower limb charging, a total of 12 recess exercises. As mentioned above, a square screen can display more content. HONOR has designed special animation guidance for these courses so that users can refer to and learn.

If you are a HUAWEI user, the new HONOR Watch can form a good linkage experience with HUAWEI devices. You can set some only scenes, such as turning off the bedside lamp after detecting falling asleep, etc.

It supports blood oxygen testing. First of all, we have to talk about what oxygen saturation is. It is the concentration of oxygen in the blood. This is expressed as a percentage in HONOR products. The highest is 70% and the highest is 100%. The lower the value, the lower the concentration. It means the less healthy your body is.

If you also want to experience these functions, you may as well buy a new HONOR Watch and try it.

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