STMicroelectronics joins Ultra Wide Band Alliance to support UWB innovation & expansion

STMicroelectronics has joined the UWB Alliance (UWBA) as a Promoter Class Member and nominates UWB Innovator Jean-Marie André to the Board of Directors.

The Alliance’s mission is focused on advocating a favourable regulatory environment to promote ultra-wideband (UWB) technology innovation and growth. This includes working to secure new advantageous updates to rulesets in the U.S. and Europe. Committed to accelerating the adoption of UWB technology by providing a centre of excellence for regulatory knowledge and guidance, it works with other international organizations to help members increase their market presence.

As a leader in the UWB space, ST feels a responsibility to contribute towards regulatory development in the EU and USA,” commented Jean-Marie André, Head of the STM32 UWB wireless product line at STMicroelectronics. “With UWB being widely adopted in consumer products, we join the UWB Alliance to offer our 10-year experience in the field and play a significant role in continuing this trend.”

UWB has gained wide public attention in recent months. Three of the top-ten smartphone vendors have all introduced UWB into their latest mobile phones. UWB has also been rolled in PC and smart-wearable products from top OEMs.

At the same time, many other technology companies are now deploying UWB for diverse applications such as passive keyless car entry, high resolution COVID-19 contact tracing, secure payment solutions, AR/VR, entertainment, medical, and many other smart IoT services.

“I am delighted to welcome Jean-Marie to our Board of Directors and look forward to contributions from the STMicroelectronics team to the UWB Alliance organization and working groups,” commented Tim Harrington, Chairman of the UWB Alliance.

UWB wireless technology can potentially transform the performance of electronic communication, sensing, location, and imaging devices, and addresses applications from consumer smartphones to industrial, medical, and homeland security.

ST aims to offer leading solutions to help customers unleash the potential. In July this year, the Company acquired UWB chip pioneer BeSpoon to further strengthen the wireless connectivity capabilities of the advanced, energy-efficient STM32 microcontroller family and supporting ecosystem, which already includes 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LoRa, and Sigfox radio technologies.

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