AAEON & Allxon to bring large-scale Device Management to NVIDIA Powered BOXER Platforms

AAEON has teamed up with Allxon to deliver their powerful Device Management Solutions (DMS) to AAEON’s BOXER AI platforms powered by NVIDIA Jetson SoCs. This combination of AAEON hardware and Allxon DMS will allow developers and users to manage large-scale edge computing deployments effectively and efficiently.

The NVIDIA Jetson line up of AI Edge computing System-on-Chips (SoCs) has consistently been one of the most popular AI platforms for developers and users. However, scaling up to large deployments of many devices which may be located in a wide area or in hard to reach places is faced with several challenges. Monitoring the status and health of a large number of devices becomes unwieldy, and edge deployment often requires systems be installed in hard to reach places, which can be difficult to access when cycling system power or updating the operating system. Allxon DMS solves these issues by providing in-band management for remote system status monitoring, as well as out-of-band management to help with remote power cycling and control.

Thanks to the partnership between Allxon and AAEON, AAEON BOXER systems are the first industrial hardware platforms to support both in-band and out-of-band management with Allxon DMS. Allxon DMS simplifies everything into a single portal for both in-band and out-of-band management tools. With in-band management, users and developers can collect application logs, deploy and update AI models remotely (Over the Air/OTA), and have access to live status monitoring with system alerts to stay on top of potential issues. Out-of-band management provides the vital ability to remotely cycle power for enabled systems, to help resolve system crashes or boot errors. Allxon DMS also enables the out-of-band management to force recovery mode, allowing users and developers to perform OTA operating system flash and upgrades. Additionally, Allxon DMS provides full storage backup and recovery via out-of-band management.

Accessing Allxon DMS is easy for developers looking to deploy with AAEON BOXER series AI Edge systems. For in-band management, users and developers can simply download the DMS software onto their device, or AAEON can pre-install the software for customers when they place their orders. Out-of-band management is provided by AAEON as an option on a per-project basis. Out-of-band management with AAEON platforms and Allxon DMS has already seen successful proof of concept deployments in Japan and the UK.

Allxon device management software is compatible with and available on the entire lineup of AAEON BOXER AI platforms powered by NVIDIA Jetson SoCs including these popular product lines:

BOXER-8220AI series with NVIDIA Jetson Nano (BOXER-8220AI, BOXER-8221AI, etc.)

BOXER-8250AI series with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX (BOXER-8250AI, BOXER-8251AI, etc.)

BOXER-8240AI with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

AAEON and Allxon are both NVIDIA Preferred Partners, guaranteeing a high quality of expertise and experience in development with NVIDIA platforms.