10 Simple but Awesome Ways to Create a Profitable App That Wins

Are you considering building an app? Unfortunately, the process can be long, time-consuming, and costly. However, if you know the correct way to do it, it can also be extremely profitable.

Below, we have some advice to help you out. Read on for our 10 ways to make sure you have the most profitable app.

1. Stay Original

There are apps for everything. There are also millions of them. So why would people decide to choose yours?

The only thing you can offer is originality. It is highly likely that there are already other apps that serve the same purpose. Because of this, you need to make your app stand out in a variety of other ways.

Perhaps you may give it a unique look and appearance. You may pick a theme that others have not pursued. Perhaps you can think of one function others are lacking and include it, to exploit your unique potential.

2. Pick a Platform

Your app has two platform choices, which are either IOS or Android. When you start out, be aware of which you are launching on and factor it into your budget. If you want to be on both, it will cost a lot more.

Generally, IOS will be the most expensive to build an app on. However, it also has more users so increases the potential to make one of the most profitable apps. Do some research into demographics and your target audience, checking what systems they use most for their digital experience.

3. Select the Right Monetization Strategy

Your monetization comes down to two principles. These are direct and indirect sales. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

A direct sale model means the app is only available to people who have paid to be on it. Its advantages are that you will begin making money immediately from sales. However, you must invest heavily in marketing and be able to convince people that the initial outlay is worth it.

An indirect sale allows the app to be downloaded for free. Money is made through other avenues such as advertising or in-app purchases. The advantage is you get your app onto more devices, but these people are less likely to make purchases.

4. Use Innovation

Technology moves quickly, and one way to be unique is to be at the forefront of it. Your competitors will already be using augmented reality, virtual reality, and A.I. You need to stay one step ahead.

Look out for breaking technologies and see how you can incorporate them into an app. If you can be the first, it can give you a huge competitive advantage when trying to make money making apps.

5. Solve a Problem

One way to create top money-making apps is to solve problems. The point of an app should be to make life easier. If you can find a way to help people out, your app will soon become indispensable.

Think of the most profitable apps you know. Most of them are probably on your phone to solve a problem.

6. Perfect the Profitable App Design

You should never underestimate the design of an app. You must strike a balance between pure aesthetics and functionality. This must also look unique, to distinguish you from competitors.

When creating the app, you should aim for it to be functional to all. Not everyone who uses it will be a technology whizz. Always remember that the purpose of the app is to make life easier, not to increase stress levels.

7. Use Professionals

Apps can actually be made cheaper than you think. There are a number of online tools, tutorials, and creators that allow you to build them yourself. However, if you really want the most profitable apps, then you will need professional help.

Professionals know how to integrate the newest technologies. They can solve problems, and make the app look great while tying it in with your brand. It may cost more, but the potential for profit will also increase greatly.

8. Get Social

If your app does not solve a problem, then consider getting social. After problem-solving apps, the ones that keep us in touch are definitely the most profitable apps. From chat messengers to dating, people want to connect and stay in touch.

One great way to do this is to find a way to let people connect that share a common niche. People could be grouped by interest or geography, and if you can find an area that has not been done before success may soon follow. 

9. Test It

If you are spending money on a large launch campaign, then you need to know that your app will work on the day. Even with a soft launch, if your app is bug-ridden or unusable, then negative ratings may soon start to appear.

Test it in conjunction with your app developer before the launch. Ask independent people to test it for you, and refine the app before its launch date.

10. Prepare to Adjust

The most profitable apps are the ones that remain updated. It is not enough to simply launch your app and leave it. Your app will encounter problems, and you should be there to respond to them.

In addition to this, you should listen to your users. They may have ways to suggest better functionality and extra features. All of this can help you perfect the app, increase its ratings and get more users.

Ask Opinions

The key to the most profitable app is to ask people. Brainstorm and conduct research into what people want. If you can find out what is missing, you may just have the key to success.

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