Top 5 Sites to Identify the Owner of a Phone Number

Never underestimate the magnanimity of trouble that an unknown phone call can create for you. According to a Comparitech report, in 2019, roughly 40 percent of all calls in the US were scams. By late 2019, 44.6 percent of phone calls in the US were predicted to be scam calls.

The issue with scam or phony calls is that they seem to be extremely genuine. With unemployment growing at an alarming rate, the youth is diverged towards these shortcuts. Thus, there is a dire need to confirm who is calling you.

Below are the top 5 sites that can help you in identifying the owner of a phone number:

  1. CocoFinder

The reverse phone lookup service of CocoFinder is the best in the business. When you need to check upon a caller or a scam number, you think searching on the web would suffice. Well, it does not. The network of scammers and phone fraud is immensely backed by technology.

Hence, if there is a most reliable way of knowing about the owner of a phone number, it’s CocoFinder. There might be other number detection applications but they even let the owner of the number know about your checking. 

When you use CocoFinder to find out the phone number, you curb the risk of your search being public. The web based platform is being used worldwide because of its easy phone number detection. 

100% Authentic Data

When it comes to CocoFinder, you can be relieved about the authenticity of the data. CocoFinder only extracts data from reliable sources. There can be no question about the data being unreal because it is verified. 

When you search for a reverse phone number, you will only attain authentic results. You can be certain about who the owner of the number is, almost immediately. The reverse phone number search is one of the most widely used services of CocoFinder.

Immediate Results

CocoFinder is prompt and immediate at generating results. Within a matter of a few minutes, you can find discreet and dependable public data about someone. Other reverse phone number applications take eons to extract data. Thus, testing the patience of their users. 

CocoFinder’s promptness is surprising. One reverse phone number search can even lead you to an entire background search history of a person. Even if you call the phone number service providers, you will first be faced with relentless chains of IVR confirmations.

After that the wait time would be further more frustrating. You would then come to the final culmination point of speaking to an executive and being denied the information. So, any other source is only more risky and untrustworthy.

For immediate redressal of your phone number suspense, you should only trust CocoFinder. It is rather surprising at the information that you can extract from CocoFinder in record time. 

How to check the owner of a phone number

Now, we shall come to the point how can you check someone’s phone number through CocoFinder? It is extremely easy and instant to do so. It can help you attain an answer to the following questions:

  1. Recognize a call coming from a no-caller ID
  2. Using the reverse phone call feature to know who is calling you
  3. Get much more information about the person just by knowing name through reverse phone lookup
  4. Check the owner’s criminal, ownership and other public records
  5. Generates data only out of authentic public sources

You need to visit the CocoFinder website and opt for the reverse phone look up feature. You can enter the phone number in the reverse phone lookup feature. In a few flimsy moments itself, CocoFinder will extract relevant user data and present it to you.

One might be wondering where CocoFinder attains all this user data from. Well, phone numbers are linked to various public records. All this information is compiled online on relevant databases.

What CocoFinder does is that it runs its search through the vast public databases. It extracts relevant data based on the search results. After you have seen who called your number, you can also see their entire history by the people search feature.

CocoFinder turns out to be the one stop shop for any kind of search. Even if you have data and details in breaks or incomplete, CocoFinder will help you derive sense out of it. This is why users prefer this platform more than any other reverse phone search platform.

2.  ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is another very popular mode of checking who called your number. It is also used extensively but when it comes to the success rate, you don’t always get certain results. Thus, banking upon ZabaSearch research data is not always possible. 

3.  TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is another immensely famous platform for attaining the name of the owner of a phone number. It is also a web based platform but somehow takes a very long time to generate results.  Another major drawback is the relentless chain of ads that deviate users from the purpose.

4.  SpyDialer

SpyDialer is also a good another trustworthy reverse phone lookup platform. It also attains immediate redressal to knowing the owner of a phone number. It is widely used, but somehow is slow paced in deriving the required results.

5.  CheckPeople

You can check people and run a reverse phone number for someone’s name and other data on CheckPeople. It is decent in its number detection process. The only downside is its limited database. The results might not be as detailed as you would want them to be. 


Comparing all relevant pages, the CocoFinder website offers more holistic solutions.  The other phone reverse phone lookups are too slow, too restricted or too time taking in delivering solutions. CocoFinder can help you extract all relevant data and information you are looking for.

You can use CocoFinder to find out the phone number owner without any evident or latent hassles. It is devoid of any malware or phishing tools. You can browse through the caller’s public records in a jiffy.

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