5G, AI, AR, & IoT Among Key Technologies to Play Pivotal Role in Post-Pandemic Landscape

By ABI Research

Over these next few months, the post-pandemic landscape will begin to take shape. Technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), IoT, and those enabling smart cities and the smart home will play pivotal roles in reshaping businesses, verticals, and economies around the world. Since technology providers, partners, and end users are all asking, “What comes next?” global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research is pleased to announce its four-day online Transformational Technology Summit, where attendees will gain an understanding of the challenges at hand, devise strategies for success, and get actionable advice they need to make winning business decisions.

Never has digital technology been so important to the fortunes of any organization. “COVID 19 has been a powerful catalyst for digital transformation in many industries. It has shortened the innovation and implementation horizon significantly for many key technology investments. ABI Research’s Summit brings together key influencers to outline, discuss, and plot which technologies in which market segments are likely to be most successful and how organizations can take advantage of these new opportunities in challenging times,” says Stuart Carlaw, Chief Research Officer at ABI Research.

Ubisense’s Jon Heathcote, u-blox’s Sylvia Lu, Qorvo’s Mickael Viot, Edge Impulse’s Zach Shelby, Intel’s Rajesh Gadiyar, and Deutsche Telekom’s Jens Olejak are just a few of the many panel experts joining ABI Research Analysts.

The Summit is packed with presentations and panel discussions covering the most critical aspects of the technology ecosystem and is organized into five core tracks:

5G Ecosystem: ABI Research Analysts and  expert guests will discuss topics including how LEO,MEO, and GEO satellites can augment mobile networks, how 5G is transforming the mobile devices value and supply chain, hyperscalers and 5G, how AI is revolutionizing the telecoms market, and 5G and the future of industrial.

Enabling Technologies: Presentations and discussions will include the future of RTLS, the blossoming of the edge AI ecosystem, securing digital identities in an IoT world, and the horizontal AR market’s challenges and opportunities.

IoT: The IoT panel discussions and immersive webinars will take a deep dive into IoT data-enabled services, the technologies driving the innovation for a profitable massive IoT, and the LPWA battle royale.

Verticals & Markets: Important post-pandemic topics include planning the city of the future, smart home edge analytics, rebuilding a stronger automotive market, and the end-to-end vaccine supply chain.

APAC Track: ABI Research Analysts and special guests zero in on tech in the Asia-Pacific with discussions covering 5G deployment strategies for fixed wireless access in Asia and visions of smart city upgrades in Asia.

For more information, and to register for ABI Research’s online Transformative Technologies Summit go to https://summit.abiresearch.com/summit/transformational-technology/ .