4 iPhone Maintenance Tips to Increase Its Lifespan

There are at least one billion iPhone users worldwide, which isn’t much of a surprise. Most of the people you see on television or in movies use iPhones. Most of the people you know probably use iPhones, and the number is only increasing.

The iPhone is a reliable, user-friendly device that provides all you need in a beautiful package. They’ve earned their popularity, though that doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues with the product.

Read on to learn these four iPhone maintenance tips to make your iPhone the best that it can be.

1. Clean Your Charging Port

Being able to charge your phone is essential, so when you plug your phone in, and it doesn’t charge, it’s a huge problem.

The most likely cause of this issue is a clogged lightning port. Luckily, this is something you can fix yourself.

Try using a toothpick to delicately remove any debris that may have built up. Be careful not to scratch or cause damage to the iPhone’s inner workings.

2. Delete Unused Apps

Want to improve your iPhone’s battery life? Try deleting any apps that you don’t use regularly. Not only do unused apps take up storage space, but they can also take a toll on your iPhone’s battery.

If you have an overheating iPhone, this could be the cause. Too many apps that are being used in the background can cause your iPhone to warm up unnecessarily.

There are two features that can help. First, “Offload Unused Apps” deletes unused apps automatically when you’re low on storage.

You should also try the feature “background app refresh.” When turned on, this feature will constantly be checking for updates for each app.

You can turn this on for certain apps and turn it off for the rest to preserve your iPhone battery life.

3. Keep It Updated

Keep your iPhone updated to the latest iOS to prevent any issues. Each update comes with improved bug fixes and improvements to battery life, so this is an easy way that takes only a few minutes to maintain your iPhone.

You should also keep your apps updated, as these will also come with bug fixes that will improve the user experience.

4. Protect Your Phone

This may seem obvious, but having a protective case on your phone and a screen protector is essential for maintaining your iPhone. If you want your iPhone to last for the long-term, this is the only way to prevent any accidents from happening.

A protective case will also prevent dirt from building up, which can keep your iPhone working even better. When you’re not using your iPhone, keep it out of harm’s way. You will be sure to increase its lifespan exponentially.

Best iPhone Maintenance Tips

These iPhone maintenance tips will help your phone to last as long as possible. Because these devices aren’t cheap, you don’t want to have to keep buying new ones every year.

Put these tips in place to keep your iPhone in its best shape, and you’ll have the best experience possible while using it.

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