How to Create a Modern Restaurant Website Design: The Complete Guide 2021

Have you already started working on your restaurant website design? How would you describe the process? Is it optimized to keep up with the current competition? Do you have a reliable team to support you with your website-related issues? Those are just some of the questions that you should answer if you’re trying to improve your restaurant operations through online and digital marketing.

Since the introduction of digitization in the Restaurant Industry, a website has become a staple for restaurants. Online ordering for restaurants with the help of a restaurant website serves as the extension of your physical store to potential and existing customers out there. And as a restaurant owner, this is one of the most effective yet affordable ways on how to reach a wider customer base.

Trying to navigate your way and keeping your restaurant operations afloat in these trying uncertain times can be a tough job for you. You must realize by now that working hard is not enough, you must also start to work smart if you want a better position in the industry. The market, customers, and even the whole industry have undergone drastic changes. And while there’s still no all-in solution for everything, you must know how to start your journey with a step towards progress.

And you can start that progress with your restaurant website design. This article can serve as your guide on how to create a modern restaurant website design that is perfect for operations for this year 2021.

Steps on How to Create a Modern Restaurant Website Design

While there are many free and easy-to-use templates for your website design, it is ideal to learn what are the other things that you need to prepare if you want to create your restaurant website design. Read along to be equipped with important information about modern restaurant website design.

Identify your purpose

Just like how every business planning should go, you must set attainable goals for your restaurant website. As mentioned, your restaurant website will serve as the extension of your service to your customers, and to convey a clear message to your potential customers, your restaurant website must reflect your business philosophies and goals.

The purpose of you having a restaurant must be clear enough for you to tailor and utilize different techniques and software that will help you achieve your main purpose or goal. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound or SMART goals improve the engagement of users with your website.

57% of customers, guests, and users are checking a restaurant’s website first before they dine in, if they understand your restaurant business and branding just by looking at your website design, then there’s a greater chance that they’ll connect with your brand more compared to others.

Determine your provider options

Even though you don’t have expertise with website design and programming, creating and designing your restaurant website still appears to be simple. And another great thing for website development and designing, you have a lot of options to ask for help.

The Restaurant Industry has website builders, website design service providers, content management systems, and freelancers. Knowing which option you’ll use as your website design provider should be based on how you want to run and use your restaurant website. Get to know more about which is best suited for your restaurant business.

Website Builders  Easy to use, available online, no need for technical expertise, and low cost.Due to its availability, the exclusivity of templates and design for your website is not an option. You have to work with what template they provide.  
  Website Design Service ProvidersProvides packages that come with complete assistance for website making, thus leaving you a lot of time in focusing on other relevant issues about your restaurant.  Since they provide an elaborate designing process, implementing short-notice changes can be quite difficult and costly on your end.
Content Management SystemsCreates website templates and designs through plugins. Often offered for free, but if you want to add extra features to your website design, you must be prepared to pay an additional fee.Additional fees for hosting and domain name purchase are required.
FreelancersThese are experts who extend their services to restaurant owners, like yourself. You’ll be provided with creative freedom and ensure that everything about your website is working according to its purpose.Best for large and complicated projects as it comes with a high price tag.  

Design logically

Your website design is not just something for display and to add color to your restaurant’s website. Websites for restaurants are like representatives to customers. Starting from the colors, layout, photos, and even buttons you’ll provide, it will be associated with your restaurant brand. That’s why you have to ensure that the design you’ll create is properly aligned to your brand.

You have to put effort even with your domain name, as it is an important element of your website design. How you decide on your domain name is how you decide your restaurant brand to be remembered, that’s why you have to work on it and learn how you can score a domain name that is unique enough to make you noticeable but plain enough to make it memorable.

Planning your content can also help improve the design of your restaurant website, make sure you provide different types of relevant content to your target customers to keep them engaged and to encourage them to connect with your restaurant brand.

Improve its usability

Display call-to-actions on where customers can easily locate it. Website designs must be functional, it is provided to help customers achieve something. If they want to complete an order, a reservation, or even an inquiry, your website must serve its purpose and let your customers complete every transaction they wish to do with your restaurant website.

Once the call-to-actions designs are up, then you must ensure that you will integrate a high-quality online ordering system for restaurants. This way, you’ll be able to provide them a smooth online service which could lead to improving their satisfaction towards your restaurant brand.

Your restaurant website should also be informative. Aside from contents about your restaurant business, you should also provide them information about the Restaurant Industry, and even about the latest Coronavirus-related updates. Through this, you’ll leave a positive impression that you’re not just there to sell them something, but you value them well enough for you to keep them informed and updated.

Keep in mind that improving its usability doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make the website design complicated. Customers preferred simple website designs that are easy to use and to interact with.

Launch and track its performance

After publishing your restaurant website design, you must monitor and track its performance. Through online tools such as Google Analytics, you’ll have a proper insight into how well your website is doing. Is it garnering engagements from its target audience? Is it serving its purpose to your restaurant business and your customers? All questions about your restaurant website can be answered with proper research and software tools.

 Elements of a Modern Restaurant Website Design

Now that you know how to create a website design for your restaurant website, you must learn what are the features of a fully functional and outstanding restaurant website design. Here’s a list of the features you must include in your website design.

  • SEO – Talk to your local SEO team and identify how you want them to work with you.
  • Key Information – Operating hours, location, contact numbers, and About Us section.
  • Online Menu – Make sure it’s not in PDF format.
  • Ordering and Reservation System – Provide a convenient process of completing orders and reservations on your website.
  • Review Section – This helps to increase customer engagement for your brand, it encourages customers to provide their valuable insights about your restaurant and its service.
  • Content – Aside from high-quality photos, it is important to show your potential customers some social proof and testimonials from your past customers.