SiT8008 low-power MEMS Oscillator for Industrial & Medical Electronics Customers

MEMS Oscillator Enables Single Qualification for Millions of Configurations, Available Now at Digi-Key

SiTime Corporation announced the availability of a critical new feature that accelerates time to revenue and simplifies inventory management. The popular SiT8008 low-power MEMS oscillator can now operate at any voltage between 1.62V and 3.63V. With this feature and the additional programmable features such as frequency and drive strength programmability, the SiT8008 offers millions of possible configurations. Industrial and medical applications such as factory automation, seismic sensing, and data acquisition all use many clock sources in a single system. They can benefit tremendously from the programmable features of the SiT8008. SiTime has worked with Digi-Key to ensure that the SiT8008 is available with short lead times.

“Digi-Key is excited to offer additional value to our customers with custom programmed MEMS timing solutions from SiTime,” said David Stein, Vice President of Global Supplier Management at Digi-Key Electronics. “Customers can now order a continuous voltage option of the popular SiTime low power MEMS oscillator, SiT8008, programmed and ships in as fast as 48 hours. This continuous voltage feature reduces qualification requirements across a customer’s various applications, enabling faster time-to-market.”

Solving our customers’ difficult timing problems is key to SiTime’s success,” said Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of marketing at SiTime. “Traditional oscillators are usually configured for specific frequencies and operation at one of 1.8V, 2.5V, or 3.3V voltages. Each configuration then requires a separate component qualification and will need to be stocked in inventory. On the other hand, simplicity is the name of the game with the SiT8008. Even if a customer uses multiple oscillator configurations, only one component qualification is required, reducing the time burden on valuable engineering resources. The SiT8008’s ability to operate at any voltage between 1.62V and 3.63V further simplifies system design – a customer can choose the voltage rail already available in the system rather than design a new one, which can also reduce component count. As the SiT8008 is available from Digi-Key with short lead times, customers can simplify their inventory management.”

Along with continuous voltage operation, the SiT8008 also offers industry-leading resilience and reliability, a wide programmable frequency range with six decimals of accuracy, low power consumption, small package size, and short lead times. Parts are available for sampling and in low-volume production quantities from Digi-Key now.