ViScaFeed for Fully Automated Potting Applications

Treatment and supplying system for 2-component dispenser ViscoDuo-VM

With ViScaFeed another product complements the ViscoTec portfolio: A material treatment and supplying unit for fully automated applications. Just like the ViScaMix (for manual potting applications), the ViScaFeed comes from Scanmaster in Denmark. Henning Pedersen, CEO and owner of Scanmaster explains, “The name ViScaFeed says it all: This system aims to feed another system – ViscoTec’s ViscoDuo-VM 2-component dispenser. For potting and encapsulating electronic components, either by robot or another type of gantry solution.”

The features of ViScaMix were also transferred to the ViScaFeed. Only the dosing pumps in the system were replaced by the larger 3VMP18 to increase the supply capacity. For example, in case of increasing production numbers, the ViScaFeed can be integrated into an existing PLC of a robot or XYZ table. In this case, the system takes over both the treatment and the supply of the materials to be dispensed, to the 2-component dispenser which is mounted directly on the gantry.

ViscoTec’s technology scores particularly in potting applications due to its clean material break-off and compact design. The volumetric dispensing systems work continuously, pulsation-free and with repeat accuracy. The adjustable retraction ensures material break-off – dripping or stringing is thus prevented.

ViScaFeed is perfectly suited for abrasive, filled or shear-sensitive fluids and pastes – regardless of their viscosities. The two-component materials can be dispensed with a mixing ratio of 1:1 to 10:1.

The treatment and supplying system do not have its own control unit. It is controlled via the ViscoTec ViscoDos-2K-V by means of 2-point pressure control. The individual dosing parameters for the progressive cavity pumps in the dosing system can be conveniently set via the external control: Dosing quantity, volume flow, mixing ratio, calibration, pot life warning, etc. The dosing itself is proven precise; the mixing is done by common static mixers. Possible dosing speeds range from 10 to 600 ml/min, depending on the pump combination and mixing ratio.

The features of the system at a glance:

  • Automated potting processes (including material treatment and supply)
  • Production of high quantities due to minimal downtime
  • Gentle dosing of materials – due to the ViscoTec endless piston principle
  • High precision dosing – regardless of viscosities and viscosity changes
  • Easy assembly of the 2-component dispenser on robots or axis systems
  • Material supply with 24 l stainless steel vessels (pressure tank max. 4,5 bar)
  • Filling through manual refill or vacuum suction