What Is Quality Assurance Testing in the Software Industry?

If you’re passionate about software and technology then you might know that the first mechanical computer was created in 1822 by Charles Babbage. It didn’t resemble what we think of computers as today.

In the software industry before products launch, they must go through quality assurance testing. You might wonder what quality assurance testing is, and why it’s important. While it might seem tough to find information about it, there’s hope.

This article will take a look at what quality assurance is, and why it’s beneficial. Read on to explore more about this and see how quality assurance can help you today.

What Is Quality Assurance Software Testing?

Quality assurance is when you have a quality testing process that makes sure organizations deliver the best services or products possible. The testing environment or company such as Quality Logic has standardized procedures in order to allow organizations to reach their desired results.

You can say that it’s about taking all activities and implementing standards and procedures to ensure that the software meets the requirements of the company. This occurs before it’s released to the public.

Keep in mind that it’s not testing the actual product. It’s about focusing on the procedures for the best outcome.

The Importance of Quality Assurance

In software development, it’s a way for the company to make sure that developers are building the correct product with the right method. It’s about meeting timelines and objectives. With the right tools in place, and using AxisAgile to become a qualified Scrum Master you will be able to manage your team across various company departments to move your projects forward efficiently.

They take a look at the different applications, sanitation of the workflows, and transparency. The quality control team has an understanding of the different important roles in the project.

They also give necessary feedback in order for the software team to make improvements. It’s also their job to report if the development team is meeting their requirements.

While some companies prefer their software developers to test out the products, many choose a quality assurance team. This is because software developers are under an immense amount of pressure, and don’t have time to add an extra item to their daily tasks.

Also, if a developer is checking their own work, they might miss errors. Even with a dedicated team, it’s better to have a new pair of eyes to look over the different software products.

Quality Assurance Influence

The quality assurance team will have an influence when it comes to application development, such as implementation. This is where they check to make sure all procedures and requirements are met.

They can also help the software team with documentation, paperwork, and associated data. The quality assurance team will also do different activities such as process monitoring, audits, and testing. The quality assurance team will also be honest about management and collaboration for the DevOps team.

Using Agile Methodology

This is where the quality assurance team has the testing in a series of cycles. This is a great option when it comes to mobile apps. Apps are great for this since they have short development cycles.

Agile methodology is using the development and design process instead of being separate. The test results appear in the development and design processes.

Agile methodology is successful since it’s collaborative. It has developers, designers, the QA team, and sometimes others to work or communicate together.

Teams use a development cycle or short design. After this, there’s a testing and quality control phase for any new features.

Stress, regression, and security testing can take place as well. How this phase proceeds will determine what happens next.

When you choose to leverage automation, it’ll make sure that things are moving along smoothly. It speeds up the testing phases and gets to the next development cycle in days or hours.

After this, you’ll want to have manual tests as well. You can also receive development cycles in order to receive feedback for the user experience.

Next, you’ll create a framework in order to review and use the data that’s generated during the short testing phase. Incorporate the feedback into the development and design process as soon as you can.


This is when the technical reviews of any artifact occur. It’s about finding any gaps or errors.

This is where software designs, requirements, or codes are looked into in detail by a person or group. Inspection meetings can include the overview preparation, rework, follow-up, and inspection meeting.


This is when you fix, isolate, and identify different bugs and problems. Developers can debug a product when they notice an error in the code.

Debugging compromises unit testing or white box testing. It can be done in phases and fixing reported bugs, or during unit testing.

Software and Quality Testing Combined

Many rounds of testing will be completed before it launches. This can include different scenarios, ways, and users. This is to ensure that a user will receive a high-quality product.

Quality assurance includes generating requirements, making estimates, and developing a plan. After this, there’s documentation, execution, and what needs to happen before the product is complete. Then comes the testing.

Exploring What Quality Assurance Testing in Software Is

Now that you’ve explored this guide on what quality assurance testing is, you should have a better idea if it’s right for you. Don’t wait on making sure that your software products are high-quality before they go out to the end-user.

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